June 26, 2013 — Bill Moyers

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 9120 (June 26, 2013)
GUESTS: Bill Moyers | Emily Bazelon
SEGMENTS: Intro-6-26-13 | The Supreme Court Rules on DOMA | The End of the Voting Rights Act | The Voting Rights Act & Gay Marriage – Emily Bazelon | Sign Off – Goodnight
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The Colbert Report intro

Hub Nation, for your enjoyment, a lovely swoopy cam shot.


“Tonight, an historic gay marriage decision. Michael and Stewart decided on a swing band. Then, is discrimination over in America, I’ll tell you if you’re not Mexican…and my guest, legendary newsman, Bill Moyers has a new documentary out about America’s middle class, OOO! I love ghost stories. Scientists have found a way for paralyzed rats to regain the ability to urinate. Finally, a solution to the world’s deficit of rat urine. This is The Colbert Report.”

The Supreme Court Rules on DOMA

“We are broadcasting live from the alternative studio I have mounted on the belly of a dirigible. Sailing high over international waters all to protect us from the hot sweaty mass of man meat that is no doubt writhing over the face of our once great nation.”

YAY!! The Supremes got this one right, I think. I don’t understand the Voting Rights act decision, but at least the majority of them think DOMA is unconstitutional. The decision really made me wonder how 4 justices could think it is constitutional to discriminate based on sexual orientation, but they also think racism is dead in this country so there you go.

Stephen Colbert on Gay Marriage
“Like my audience, I clap when I’m afraid too.”

“Traditional marriage is now as defenseless as a freshman frat pledge about to go through the spanking machine”

A good spanking machine reference is never a bad thing.

The Colbert Report on gay marriage“Look at that aged parchment and fancy calligraphy, looks like a gay wedding invitation.”

The decision has opened up a can of worms in that not all states will recognize same-sex marriage and perhaps not all couples can get federal bennies.

“The Supremes really screwed the pooch here, which I’m sure is also legal now.”

“Here’s how it works, you’re married in New York, you’re not married in Alabama, what gives? I’m as confused as a freshman frat pledge who really enjoyed that spanking machine.”

The End of the Voting Rights Act

Stephen talks more about the SCOTUS’ decision on the voting rights act and sings about an old river.

Chief Justice Paula Deen“It was a 5-4 decision with Chief Justice Roberts joined by Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Deen.”

Roberts said that since the Voting Rights act was enacted, things have changed “dramatically”. Yeah. That’s what happens when you make laws that stick.

“Apparently racism is over. Now I can do whatever I want and no one can call it racist.”

Stephen Colbert signs Old Man RiverStephen sings Ol’ Man River until the show experiences “Technical Difficulties”.

Asian Technical Difficulties“Technical difficulties, Jimmy!? Can we get an Asian on that please?”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg compares it to “throwing away your umbrella in the middle of a rainstorm because you are not getting wet.”

It’s a good analogy. Why does it occur to some people and not to others that the reason why there has been this dramatic change in the last 50 years, is because of these laws? If they think we can be trusted as a nation, to not discriminate against each other, they are severely out of touch.

The Voting Rights Act & Gay Marriage – Emily Bazelon

Ms. Bazelon returns to the show to discuss the two Supremes’ decisions and doesn’t gloat about how she was right about the DOMA decision when she was on the show in March.

Emily Bazelon on DOMA

Stephen: I’m married, why couldn’t I defend Prop 8, because DOMA’s dead, I think my marriage is now invalidated.
Emily: No, no.
Stephen: No, I think you’re a lesbian now, I think, no offense. You’re going to be a great one, by the way.
Emily: Thank You.

Did Scalia really use the term “argle bargle”? What is up with that?

She doesn’t think that the SCOTUS will declare the states’ rights to make gay marriage legal to be unconstitutional, so gay it up, as Stephen would say.

That was a funny look on her face when Stephen called Justice Kennedy an idiot.

Right at the end of the interview, Emily said, “No taking votes away from anyone. We don’t do that”, to which Stephen says, “We’ll see what happens in the future”. Uh-huh. Good point!

Interview – Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers discusses his new documentary “Two American Families”, about the disappearing middle class in the USA.

Bill Moyers on The Colbert Report

Stephen: Why do we need a middle class? Do we need one?
Bill: So we have a place to go.
Stephen: No we can go to the upper class or the lower class, there are two other class openings.
Bill: That’s what’s happening. The middle class…they’re falling through the cracks.

He mentions that there are 49 million people using food stamps, not because they are not working but because the jobs pay so little.

Stephen: Isn’t this the fault of the people who can’t get the jobs? Personal responsibility, Bill.
Bill: That’s what the “Ox” network keeps promoting, but it is not the case.

(He did say Ox, right? or is my hearing way off?)

The families he profiles are making less now working two jobs than they did when they were only working one job.

He brilliantly throws up the ol’ Lord’s Prayer and points out that it’s all about “us” and not “me”, a brilliant observation that will fall flat on the ears of the big CEO’s, I’m sure.

Let’s change the subject shall we? Bill was in the room when the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, working for LBJ.

Stephen: What do you think LBJ would say to the Supreme Court for their decision yesterday and keep in mind this is a family show.
Bill: You know what he would say? He doesn’t understand why Clarence Thomas, who would not be on The Supreme Court today had it not been for the Voting Rights Act, pull the ladder up after him.

Very well spoken. He goes on to talk about the martyrs of the 60’s who were beaten and some who died and how they were betrayed by the Supreme Court’s ruling, but offered hope that if these discriminatory practices erupt again, that justice will prevail and the numbers of people who are being mistreated will outweigh the racists.

  • FallSapphire

    The Bill Moyers interview was incredible. Would like the clip to add to class lecture. Fabulous . Speechless.

    • Clem

      @FallSapphire: I definitely agree with you on that. Bill Moyers was fascinating and I can imagine that he really struck a chord with the way many people are feeling right now. Bravo to him.

      It was also great to see Emily Bazelon. I always enjoy her appearances on the show.

    • llama

      @FallSapphire: I agree too. He is one of the last of a dying breed of real true journalists.