Stephen Colbert Interviewed by NBC 29 – Charlottesville

Stephen sat down for an interview following his valediction address at UVA with a reporter who happened to work previously on the Report. The resulting exchange is pretty awesome. Enjoy:

  • Elanor

    A very fine interview. I really appreciated his thoughtful responses to her pretty decent questions. I am guessing she was an Ex-intern, lucky!!!! Nice hug at the front end too. *smile*

  • CN Helper

    There were a lot of things that were in here that we have not heard before, so, thank you yet-to-named former intern of Stephen’s! Also thought it was awesome that someone acknowledged how hard SC has worked to get to where he is today. No free rides, to be sure. I liked what he said about clinging to people who share your professional aspirations as a means to success. (I am sure he was referring especially to Amy & Paul.)

    I am so happy to see Stephen getting out there more with these public appearances and interviews. He is a rare combination of astute and wise, and always has something illuminating to say. And as we are all curious about the ‘real’ Stephen, it makes for even a bigger win.

  • llama

    We are seeing more and more interviews with Stephen out of character and it’s nice. It’s almost to the point where I’m getting annoyed when media people say, “Stephen Colbert in the rare out-of-character interview.” I just think, yeah, you don’t really know Stephen that well because the rare out-of-character interview isn’t so rare anymore. I think the ex-intern did a good job. Stephen takes ’em in, trains ’em and releases them out into the world, and boom! They do well!

  • WaHoo12

    Her name is Kristin Twiford and she is a reporter for NBC29 in Charlottesville.

    • Katt

      Thank you for the confirmation @WaHoo12 and welcome to the Hub!