Stephen Colbert at the University of Pittsburgh.

Stephen Colbert at Pitt

© @hollystav via Instagram

© @hollystav via Instagram

Almost a year ago, a team of students took up ‘The Super PAC Super Fun Pack Treasure Hunt’ challenge, documenting their journey’s as they cracked the clues and hunted for treasure, the grand prize, apart from making a lot of pirates very jealous was, a visit from Stephen Colbert.

It has been a long wait for the students at the University of Pittsburgh, but Stephen Colbert finally appeared before excited an excited crowd at Carnegie Hall on Friday, April 19th. After being given a custom Pitt Jersey and hat, Stephen opened by reading a selection of topics from ‘America Again’, including getting a job, Wall Street, food and Matthew McConaughey. The session was closed out with a lively Q & A session covering everything from favourite guests, getting into character, Jon Stewart, Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s congressional campaign, SuperPAC’s, Presidents and Roman Emperors.

(Thanks to dentry for the Tip!)

  • StephenSmile64

    I just saw these on You Tube and was going to come over and post them! These are great!! Thank you so much!! I’m so glad he was finally able to make it over to Pitt and it was a huge success!

    I loved the Q&A and loved what he had to say about Elizabeth. He, firsthand, knows how cut-throat politics can be, so it’s completely understandable why he would have some concern over her running for office. However, he also acknowledges how tough she can be and has the confidence that she can handle herself, which I totally agree.

  • Elanor Gamgee

    So great to hear him do a reading. Fantastic and so glad there is video. Thanks for posting; thanks Dentry for the tip!

  • dentry

    I was so glad when I saw the video’s on you-tube. They were all great, but I loved listening to Stephen’s answers from the Q&A session.

  • CN Helper

    The Q & A proves why he is one of the most exquisite people on earth (even if I have heard many of these responses before, as you all have 😉 I am so glad he was able to finally make this appearance. Nice that he was able to shout out Meredith Bennett properly (who has been on staff a long time now, right?) And he looks adorable in that jersey. Any time he is out of the suit is a win in the public appearance arena, imho. Thank you Stephen for making the effort to be at Pitt! It was a sheer delight.

  • Mrc

    Thanks for posting the videos. Love the Q&A part.

  • Caroline

    If you don’t have time to watch the videos all at once, go to 1:49 of the Q & A video: Stephen *smokes* a student who decided to ask him an aggressively rude question. Who knows why this kid thought he should try to heckle someone as smart and fearless as Stephen, but it proved a very, very bad idea!

    • Elanor

      @Caroline: I agree but the audience was so responsive and Stephen so quick. The audience was on Stephen’s side. It felt like he had the audience eating out of his hand. *High five* Mr. C.

      After listening to most of the videos, all I could image was Stephen walking away with that warm and fuzzy feeling of a great night. His readings were amazing; especially “Drunk” again demonstrating that Stephen is both the amazing performer and fantastic writer!

  • Katt

    Is it wrong that I could listen to Stephen answer questions for hours and not get bored? Especially when he shuts down idiots in an instant.

    • Karenatasha

      Not wrong. No. Not ever.
      Very right. Always right. Forever right! 🙂