Stephen Colbert Visits Injured Soldiers at Walter Reed’s Military Advanced Training Center

Stephen Colbert at Walter Reed

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The visitor watched, fascinated, as Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills demonstrated his high-tech prosthetic arm at Walter Reed’s Military Advanced Training Center (MATC). Travis told his man-made hand to turn to the left, and it did. Turn to the right — it did that, too. He encouraged his visitor to try talking to the hand to make it move. Nothing happened.“It’s too loud in here,” Travis said, and he shouted for silence. The big, busy room, packed with staff and injured service members undergoing therapy, went still. Travis directed his visitor to try again — loudly.

“TURN RIGHT!” the visitor shouted at Travis’s prosthetic hand. The hand STILL didn’t move.

“Actually,” said Travis, “that’s not how it works.”

The room exploded in laughter, the visitor, too, because being a comedian, Stephen Colbert is always up for a good joke.

Stephen Colbert visits injured soldiers

© Yellow Ribbon Fund

Without any fanfare, the down-to-earth star of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” had come down from New York to spend time visiting with the wounded warriors at MATC. Then he made his way to the hospital to visit with inpatients.It was the latest celebrity visit arranged by the Yellow Ribbon Fund. “These visits serve two purposes,” explains YRF’s events and volunteers director, Ashley Keene, who shepherded Colbert through the Walter Reed visit. “First of all, it brightens your day to meet famous people. But more importantly, when someone successful puts everything else on hold to come spend time with you, it sends the message that you’re the one who’s really important. It says to our injured service members and their families: YOU are the ones who really deserve to be honored. And it’s important for them to hear that because it’s true.”

Stephen Colbert at MATC

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Stephen Colbert at the Yellow Ribbon Fund

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Source: Yellow Ribbon Fund.

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  • CN Helper

    And reason 1,078,976 to love Stephen….

    • Karenatasha

      @CN Helper:

      I think that number is too low! 😉

  • llama

    That makes me love him more and it shows how much he really does care about the troops. Those men and women deserve so much.

  • lockhart43

    I clicked on this article yesterday, and almost cried as I read it, and I’ll tell you why. Travis Mills is from Vassar, Michigan, a town that is in the same county as where I grew up. Last April, he lost both of his arms and legs in Afghanistan from an IED. The guy’s an absolute hero. The entire county rallied, as well as many people across the U.S. (The Gary Sinise Foundation has offered to build a custom smart home for Mills and his wife and daughter as well). The fact that it’s Travis Mills in these pictures with Stephen, and that it’s Travis Mills that pulled that prank on him, makes me smile so much. And this article in an of itself is also a perfect example of why Stephen is my favorite person.