Stephen Colbert Throws His Support To His Sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch

Stephen Colbert event photos As you know, Hubsters, Stephen is honored to have both a great admiration for and a great many siblings. We are in awe of his Mother. One of his siblings and past protector against potential fratricide (due to ball peen hammering) is Elizabeth Colbert Busch (aka Lulu).

Ms. Elizabeth ColberT Busch is currently running a campaign to represent the great state of South Carolina in Congress as a Democrat. You can follow her on her website or on her Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress Facebook account or on Twitter. On the weekend of February 23rd, Stephen joined his big sister and bowled and served breakfast to budding supporters.

Marvelous to see such sibling affection and unconditional love. A fine manifestation of their mother’s resilience and familial values made true.

Stephen Colbert at the Elizabeth Colbert Busch Fund Raisers 2013 Here are pictures of the bowling teams and as Stephen would say, “This may not be a competition but I am winning!”

Stephen Colbert bowling fundraiserTeam Stephen!

Stephen Colbert bowling

There are a couple of terrific videos of Stephen’s prowess at bowling and no evidence of bumpers!

Doesn’t Stephen make aprons look fantastic! I wonder if any of these signed ones will find their way to eBay or Craig’s List? Hope not.

Stephen Colbert and Elizabeth Colbert Busch Stephen Colbert attending Elizabeth Colbert Busch Breakfast Fund Raisers Stephen Colbert serving breakfastThe Breakfast Club looks young and engaged! You Go, Team Elizabeth!

Stephen Colbert at Elizabeth Colbert Busch Fund RaisersIf you want to see more marvelous pictures of this day and Stephen’s support, check out the Facebook Picture page.

Stephen Colbert and Elizabeth Colbert BuschBest wishes, Ms. Colbert Busch, see you in Congress!

  • CN Helper

    These two look like a great team! I have enjoyed looking at all the pics posted on Elizabeth’s FB page, so it’s behoovy to scoot over there and check it out. I am kind of nervous as the primary is coming up! She will certainly get the nom, then time to take on the SC GOP, aka Team Sanford.

  • Katt

    I would love to know Stephen’s bowling score! I wonder if we will ever find out?

  • Karenatasha

    Katt, if we haven’t found out by then, I have an April 16th ticket to a taping–and that can be my question!

  • CN Helper

    @Karenatasha: But you have to actually ask one! Seize the moment.

  • Karenatasha

    @CN Helper:
    I’ve asked him questions at the taping before! Not the last taping I attended, but the one before. (I asked him about doing more theater after “Company.”) I actually can manage to do that. It’s harder for me when there’s no formal set-up for speaking to him. I’d have a rough time just walking over to him to say hi at at one of the Montclair Film Fest parties, for example, unless it was arranged as a meet-and-greet. But during a Q&A, if I can think of something good, I’ll go ahead!

  • CN Helper

    @Karenatasha: I think I would be better served if I had your sense of discretion. I’m just like “heyyy!” What’s up Stephen!” Not good. April is a nice time to head over to the studio, so looking forward to your reporT.

  • Katt


    Oh cool! If you do get a chance to ask him, I hope he answers honestly and doesn’t joke about. *sport obsessed webmaster*

  • Elanor

    As you know, Ms. Elizabeth Colbert Busch has won her Democratic seat for the election coming up on May 7th. Check out CN’s post on Lulu’s success last night here on ColbertNewsHub.

    On the up side, I am thrilled she has made it through this hoop. On the downside, I wonder if it gets annoying to continually called out as Stephen’s sister while not emphasizing how much experience, drive and passion she has for the job at hand. Still, I am sure Stephen is most proud and looking forward to razzing her on and off the air. LOL

    It would be fantastic were Ms. Colbert Busch to trounce Mr. Appalachian Trail.

  • Karenatasha

    @CN Helper:
    And I, Ms. Helper, wish I were more like you. 🙂

  • CN Helper

    @Elanor: I think the constantly getting called out as Stephen’s sister is annoying. However, in her case, she is competent enough that it soon becomes clear that she can hold her own. I liked her TV ads, she seems very authoritative, and I think her gentle, strong demeanor will resonate with voters in the end. Famous bro or no.