Six Degrees Catch Up Edition

Six Degrees of Stephen Colbert Welcome to the ‘Six Degrees Catch Up Edition’ featuring all the latest happenings and goings on in the world of ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’ staff and ‘Friends of the Show’.

In the latest six degrees news, Comedy Central has announced the launch of the new CC Studios, ‘a new, in-house creative initiative that will develop content, concepts and talent for digital platforms’, Frank Lesser has a new humour piece in ‘Thought Catalog’, download new podcasts featuring Opus Moreschi, Brendan Hay, Jo Miller and Ed Helms, Steve Carell eats hot peppers with Craig Ferguson, Amy Sedaris talks to David Letterman about being a Godmother, and David Sedaris has a new book out later this year.

All that and more in ‘Six Degrees Catch Up’!!

The Colbert Report

  • Opus Moreschi is featured in ‘Beginnings Episode 83 with Wrestling Team’. You can download the Podcast or listen to it on tumblr.

The Daily Show

  • John Hodgman was recently asked on tumblr:

    Q: Why haven’t you been a guest on The Colbert Report or done any collaborations with Stephen Colbert yet? Your characters would be hilarious together.
    A: That is kind, but I think I would become so pale in comparison to Stephen that I would no longer be visible.

Friends of the Show

  • Amy Sedaris guest stars in Episode 4 of Ingrid Jungermann’s web series ‘F to 7th’ as Ingrid’s conservative Aunt Kate.
  • llama

    I just saw that clip with Steve Carell and Craig on Youtube. Oh man, it was fun to watch. I think most of the tears Steve was shedding were from the peppers, but I’m sure some were from laughter.

  • Katt

    The one time I miss Amy on ‘The Late Show’ and the full clip isn’t on YouTube or available outside the US :(

    Loved watching Steve sweat through the oysters and peppers. I laughed so hard I’ve given myself a headache.

    I cannot wait to read David’s new book!! I am so glad he got to use ‘Let’s Explore Diabetes with owls’ as the title. Let’s hope TCR is one of his promotional stop offs.

  • CN Helper

    Frank Lesser is really good at short pieces. I have to check out the “megan fox” piece, and I also missed Amy’s appearance on Letterman -which I normally don’t do, I am slipping up. Have to check that out as well. She is Paul’s baby’s godmother, right? Paul’s godbabymama?

  • Erika

    I think it’s so cute how enamored and respectful John Hodgman seems to be of Stephen.

  • Katt

    @CN Helper

    A kind soul sent me the full interview, and yes she is Paul’s GodBabyMama. Though showed a picture of him, he’s so cute. 15 months already, can you believe it!