Harlem Shake – ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ Remixes

16 thoughts on “Harlem Shake – ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ Remixes

  1. Stephen’s super! As always, he has great moves. Jon? Well, he does a pretty decent imitation of Groucho Marx!

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  2. I loved this! The Harlem Shake cracks me up, I think my husband and I spent two hours a few nights ago watching videos of it. This is great!

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  3. @Karenatasha

    “Jon? Well, he does a pretty decent imitation of Groucho Marx!”

    Karenatasha! How dare you slur the dance moves of Groucho Marx like that! I danced with Groucho Marx. I knew Groucho Marx. Groucho Marx was a friend of mine. Karen, Jon Stewart can not dance like Groucho Marx!

    Truth be told. My dancing is much more in line with the “Get out of the way he’s having a seizure!” gyrations of Jon then the ultra suave moves of Stephen.

    Thank for post this Katt!

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  4. @Mr. Arkadin

    Dearest Mr. Arkadin: I would NEVER insult the dance moves of Mr. Marx (Groucho or Karl), as long as we’re talking comedically. Actually, though, you’re probably right: I bet Groucho really was the better dancer. But there’s a particular move of Groucho’s that Jon seems to be channeling.

    *Singing* “Whatever it is, I’m against it. Before we commence it. I’m against it!*

    But Stephen moves really, really well. I also love that he involved the whole audience. I’m trying to imagine him explaining to them what he wants.

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  5. What the hell am I looking at?
    All I got out of this was more jealousy toward that audience last night and especially the people who got to dance with Stephen.
    What is this?

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  6. @llama
    Not to say I didn’t love seeing Stephen dance and that I am not happy for those people in the audience. I just have no idea what this is supposed to be. Anyway, another thing that I have discovered from watching the show. Being not up on pop culture, I very often hear about things through watching Stephen and/or Jon. I like that.

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  7. Actually, during the Q&A session last night, a group of girls asked Stephen if they could record a Harlem Shake video with him…so he obliged…with the entire audience, of course. They said they quickly put it together in about 2 minutes and this was the result…pure awesomeness! :)

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  8. When I was watching the end of the TDS last night, I was thinking what was Jon doing dancing like that? Then I came here tonight, and it now all makes sense. I had no idea that there was a Harlem Shake dance. My own mother new about the dance, than me. LOL!! Anyhow, I thought Stephen did a fabulous job as usual dancing with the audience, he really has great moves and rhythm. And Jon well, I give him alot of credit he doesn’t have the greatest moves but at least he was out there dancing. :)

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  9. @dentry
    Pretty much same thing happened to me when I watched the ‘Moment of Zen’. I’ve heard about Harlem Shake, but I never watched any video, so my reaction to the dance was something like “What the hell…” Anyway, I prefer Stephen’s version with the audience.

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  10. @Karenatasha

    Thank you for the lovely serenade, Karenatasha! :)

    I remember years ago reading Harold Bloom’s “The Western Canon” and him raging against what he calls “The school of resentment.” He wrote the line, (I quote from memory) “For I am your true Marxist critic. Except instead of Karl I follow Groucho and say, “Whatever it is, I’m against it!” I love that line! So thanks for reminding me of it.

    And I completely agree with you about Stephen moves. He really is the most joyful performer on TV.

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  11. @Mr. Arkadin No, I was not there. I read it on Twitter. A number of people who were at the taping reported this. However…I AM attending a taping this Wednesday with my friend Kelly! So…ok…I guess I will write up a ReporT for that show! :)

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  12. Just to be a little more explicit about this: the Harlem Shake is a video that went viral, just as the Gangnam Style video did. Obviously, both Stephen and Jon are up on their pop culture. When I saw this, I did have to google to find the original video–even though I pretty much figured out the basics from context.

    Here it is:

    @Mr. Arkadin
    Trust me when I tell you that if I’d REALLY been serenading you, you would not have found it lovely. I do not have a good singing voice. It’s the misery of my life, because I so wish I could sing, not professionally but merely decently. I do love the Bloom quote and I too am a Groucho fan. Especially Duck Soup.

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  13. I thought Jon’s version was funnier (not a sentence I often say/type) but of course Stephen had the much better moves and I loved that he involved his audience. I think I just liked Jon’s too because I can tell he sometimes gets sick of the depressing news breakdowns/comedy buildups he has to do and it’s great to see him let loose and just be silly every so often.

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