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  1. Elanor
    February 7, 2013

    *High five* Dame Andrews! Great interview, so playful! Looked like Stephen thoroughly enjoyed it too!

    Loved that he talked about Richard III. Sorry we didn’t hear him quote Shakespeare or mimic a portrayal of the Mad King.

    The hitchhiker stories was most disturbing in all directions. *shudder*

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  2. applepies
    February 7, 2013

    This was a great episode! I loved his take on Kai, I watched the full interview with him before I turned on TCR and I lost it laughing. And Stephens hair looked especially good, I think.

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  3. Carrie
    February 7, 2013

    “I especially want to welcome those ten men down in the dungeon serving their master. Just get out of there, guys.”

    Ok audience members from last night, who among ye is gonna tell us what that was about

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  4. CN Helper
    February 7, 2013

    @Elanor Kai was very disturbing, but somehow, Stephen made the whole thing sound hilarious.

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  5. Katt
    February 8, 2013


    From 4815162342 over at TWoP:

    In the Q&A session, someone said they were part of a 10 person D&D group and asked Stephen to do them the honor of being the villain in one of their games. Stephen politely but definitively said no, that it had been 25 years since he played and he couldn’t risk getting sucked back in.

    Full recap: [Link]

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  6. Karenatasha
    February 8, 2013


    Yay! Thanks for finally clearing that up!

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  7. lockhart43
    February 11, 2013

    I was just now able to catch this episode online, as my cable was out all last week. And what a fun episode! I figured he would cover the story about Richard III, and the hitchhiker story had me doubled over. Oh my gosh, was that funny. Definitely weird and definitely funny. I love whenever Stephen points to someone off-camera at a joke that’s particularly funny (I’d assume he’s pointing at Paul Dinello or Tom Purcell, since they’re usually standing on the side during the taping), like he did after the Packers line. And that “quote” from Matthew was hilarious!

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