January 24, 2013 – Tavi Gevinson

The Colbert Report episode guideEPISODE NUMBER: 9050 (January 24, 2013)
GUESTS: Tavi Gevinson| Edward Berenson
SEGMENTS: France & The Mali Conflict | France & The Mali Conflict – Edward Berenson | Benghazi Attack Hearing | Tavi Gevinson | Sign Off – Stephen’s Makeover
SUIT REPORT: Pin-Striped Black Suit | Lavender Shirt | Black/White Patterned Tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sublime pin striped black suit framing the gorgeous black and white patterned tie over what looked on my TV as a lavender shirt but I see in the ColbertNation video pic as blue with a checked lines, you decide.

Stephen Colbert  Lavender Shirt Check the end of the post for Tavi’s make over at the Sign-off.

France & The Mali Conflict

Salute to the Truffle Huffing Surrender Monkeys otherwise known as the French. Stephen praised the French for their honoring of the sanctity of marriage as one man, one woman and a mistress for either of them or as they say in France, “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose.” It was important for Stephen to point out that waving a pink sign and dancing to ABBA is the way to support traditional marriage and anti-gay-marriage that makes us all less Miserable.

Stephen is pleased that the French have agreed to distract us all from Afghanistan despite the fact Afghanistan is never in the news these days but launching their sophisticated gun ship that “fires missiles at itself in a Dadaist commentary on the cruel face that is war!” Mon Dieu!

Stephen Colbert on the Mali ConflictFrance & The Mali Conflict – Edward Berenson

Edward Berenson of the Institute of French Fry Studies at NYU explained to Stephen how France has gone in and out of countries in Africa, in and out and in and out. So Mali might not be a long term relationship but rather perhaps a tryst or a rendezvous or an amour or a … well you get the picture, you know the French.

Edward Berenson on The Colbert ReportBenghazi Attack Hearing

“The American People on Fox News demand that the American People demand answers.” Sadly, no one has told them what the questions are. Obviously there were no drilling down o the questions like the French would. Well, considering how much Hillary Clinton, according to Stephen, “spanked” her Republican Inquisitors and “Thank you Madam Secretary” became the new committee’s safe word.

Hillary Clinton on BenghaziAmong others, Fox News accuses Hillary of faking her outburst and as Stephen points out, who better to consider faking emotions than the folks over at fair weather friends at Fox News. And with a wonderfully written double entendres, Stephen went on to share that no women faked their anger around him. He bragged that “he has enraged the ladies. He gets them there” *wink*.  And somewhat sadly reveals that now he only gets yelled at on his Birthday, LOL.

Stephen Colbert on womenInterview – Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson is a force to be reckoned with but them most teenagers are. She has proved her chops though with starting a blog at 11 and now publishing an eZin for Teens and now a book!. Her Rookie magazine does have good images for girls but Stephen fretted that this might limit the vicarious commercialism and Tavi confessed to being  “obligated” perhaps beholden to training bra companies. Stephen admitted that that particular industry was not one of his sponsors. Stephen and Tavi’s laughter was gentle and endearing revealing again that his a family man and a dad who lives for his children’s admiration.

Tavi Gevinson on The Colbert Report He made this most apparent when he fished for a chance to write for her magazine. When she accepted showing her editorial chops, she had forgiven him for outing her on not doing her poetry homework.

He pitches a column called by a 48 year old Dad, “You’re not wearing THAT.” Should be a hit!

Tavi introduces “Cool Dad” touchstone and declares that Stephen’s show must be a “Cool Dad” show. This definitely pleased Stephen. Loved how Stephen wanted and sort Tavi’s approval; reminds me of when he was at the Grammys and he turned to his daughter, Madeleine and asked her, “Am I cool now?”

Sign Off – Stephen’s Makeover

Tavi totally makes over “Cool Dad” Colbert with this Boy Band Teal Skinny Jeans and hair, Doctor Who Bow Tie and Professor Jacket, and necessary Puppy!

Stephen Colbert made over by Tavi Gevinson

  • CN Helper

    Oh my god, that screencap pretty much says it all. Tavi Gevinson was a great guest, bravo young lady. I think Stephen is not only a “Cool Dad” he is pretty much cool at everything else for that matter, that’s what makes him a star.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    Honestly, I felt this was the weakest of a strong week shows. I’m personally weary of French jokes, even from Stephen. The Benghazi stuff was solid, but in comparison with TCR’s other slams on the GOP this week it just didn’t measure up.

    However, for me, the show was saved by the interview. I was not looking forward to Gevinson at all. Thinking she would be overly precious and obnoxious. But instead, she was none of those things! She seemed quite unaffected and personable and she and Stephen got along fine. The sign-off scene with ” Boy band Stephen” was both great and kind of scary.

  • Sophie

    oh wow Stephen with the Harry Styles hair and the puppy
    too cute for words <3 ___ <3

    also I really enjoyed the interview, I thought it was gonna end up being slightly awkward
    given how young the guest was but I'm glad they both seemed to have enjoyed themselves

    it seem like Stephen can connect with just about anyone

  • applepies

    Eye Candy Comment: I quite enjoyed the lilac shirt Stephen was wearing, it looked great on him!

  • llama

    Yes, I noticed that. I really wish he would wear colored shirts more often. As for the sign off outfit, I saw that screencap earlier and I was wondering why he was dressed with a woman’s wig. It was a boy band look. That explains it. If boybands are setting the trend for hairstyles, then I guess we are back to the shaggy look. Not great, but better than the skin head look, I gotta say.

  • Karenatasha

    @Mr. Arkadin
    Mr. A, usually I am with you about the French jokes–I happen to be a bit of a Francophile, and I find those quips too easy and stereotyped. But this didn’t bother me quite as much, because I felt it used those stereotypes for something more: a questioning about intervention and how and whether we should get involved in deadly quarrels–and how we get out. Linking it to Afghanistan widened the canvas. The one thing I felt that they didn’t mention that they should have was Vietnam, the original, stuck-forever-in-mire conflict, and one that began with the French.

    I also thought the guy from NYU did very well.

  • Mr. Arkadin


    The key omission is not Vietnam. But the destabilization of Mali that our (NATO) “intervention” in Libya caused. According to the NY Times, that meant “heavily-armed, battle hardened Islamic fighter returned from combat in Libya” and played a vital role in overthrowing the US backed (Naturally!) government. Now without that info the bit had no chance to open up to “The Word” like dimension you’re describing. Thus it has to lean on “Somebody surrendered to the FRENCH!” jokes. And the guy from NYU didn’t bring any of that up either.

    I take that back. You aren’t describing the segment as being “Word” like. But you got more depth out of it then I did.
    And that’s okay. :)

  • karenatasha

    @Mr. Arkadin

    Fair point about the amount of background that got left out. But I did think it was aiming at a little more than a simple French joke this time. I do agree with you, in fact, that it wasn’t anywhere near the week’s best. But I did think it had some depth, and hey–how many non-news shows even mention Mali?

    In thinking it over, I also have come to agree with you about the (prof’s) interview. It’s hard for people unaccustomed to TV to deal with Stephen. (It’s hard for ANYONE to.) I initially thought he didn’t get flustered and tried his best, but I realized that he really didn’t use the time most efficiently.