Stephen Colbert Cancels University of Pittsburgh Appearance Due to Illness

White House According to spokeswoman Jennifer Sims, the satirist and Comedy Central host, “became seriously ill with the flu following the taping of last evening’s “Colbert Report.”

Mr. Colbert’s appearance, which was promised in June after four Pitt engineering students successfully completed his Super PAC’s treasure hunt, was scheduled for 2 p.m. today at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.
‘Hunting the Turtle’ video documents Colbert treasure hunt.

According to the university, all tickets that were given out for his appearance this afternoon will be honored once the event is rescheduled. It is unclear whether the same venue will be used and when the event will be rescheduled.
This is the second time Mr. Colbert’s appearance has been delayed. Mr. Colbert originally planned to visit Pitt in the Fall.

Source: Post Gazette.

(Thank you to dentry and Victoria for the Tip!)

  • Victoria

    When I read this yesterday, I felt so bad for him! I hope he gets well soon! This has been a terrible season! Is it Summer yet? Who am I kidding-I will take the Spring, at this point! Feel better, Stephen!

  • CN Helper

    Great. We all had the flu over the holidays, and it was totes bad. I hadn’t felt that sick in quite a while. Whatever H-yuck strain is going around this year is truly horrendous.

    I hope he feels better in time for Monday, otherwise he will do another “arm chair” show :(

  • colbaby

    Poor guy. Seems like no one’s being spared this season. I was flattened with it right before Christmas and it was absolutely awful. Hope he’s able to bounce back quickly.

  • dentry

    Poor Stephen, I hope he’s feeling better soon. Luckily I’ve been sparred by this nasty bug, at least so far. It has been such a bad season for the flu this year so far. We have had 27 deaths just in our state alone this month.

  • Elanor

    *Hides under a blanket in the back woods* So hoping me and my family don’t get it, ICK!

    Ya, so hope he recovers quickly what with the calcium leaching out of his bones, I worry about the man’s health!!!

  • Erika

    Awwww poor Stephen! I haven’t gotten sick yet, and even more thankfully, neither has my little one. I never wish the flu on anyone, but I’ve gotta say, Stephen is SO cute when he’s sick! (I’m terrible). Of course I want him to feel better as soon as possible. :)

  • karenatasha

    Oh, dear. I have to be honest: if he is that sick, I would prefer that he cancel the show and focus on getting better. Everyone I know who has had it really suffered and rest is so important. Also, it probably is best that he not infect his staffers.

    It would be kind of ironic if he had to cancel on Kathryn Bigelow this time.

    Sending him get well wishes.

  • anais0509

    Oh no! I hope he feels better soon! :( Very fortunately I got my flu shot a week ago. I have not ever gotten the flu in my life, and I hope to not ever get it. Hopefully I’ll stay healthy through this terrible season, especially considering I live in the city of all places. Stay healthy, everyone!

  • lockhart43

    Oh no! I certainly hope that he feels better. Granted there are a few strains of the flu roaming around, but none of them are anything to mess with. It’s been awful here in Michigan; I heard it’s hit Massachusetts quite hard as well. I made my dad get a flu shot because his immune system isn’t the strongest. I really do hope Stephen’s had as restful a weekend as possible so he can get feeling better.