Elizabeth Colbert Busch to Run for Congress

Patch has confirmed that Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, will seek the Democratic nomination for the First Congressional District.

She will file her candidacy papers on Tuesday according Amanda Loveday, Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Colbert-Busch is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Clemson University’s Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility. Previously, she was the Director of Business Development for Clemson University’s Restoration Institute. The Mount Pleasant resident has three children and two grandchildren and deep ties to the Lowcountry. This will be her first foray into public life.

Based on name recognition and her ability to compete financially, Colbert-Busch’s entry gives the Democrats a chance to win a House seat that has long been Republican. The filing period begins today and lasts until Jan. 28.

Source: West Ashley Patch

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17 thoughts on “Elizabeth Colbert Busch to Run for Congress

  1. This is the most awesome thing I have read today. And I’m hoping she wins because that is one BKAD that I’d love to see.

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  2. Wow, I agree, how will “Stephen” react to this “Whose riding on my coat tails?” Ms. Colbert-Busch? LOL … Well, I wish her luck!

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  3. What! Oh my God! That is so exciting. She is such an amazing person and will do her district great credit! I say bring on Rep. Colbert-Busch!

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  4. Although I’m sure Stephen will do everything to help her get elected. (Especially fundraising.) I wonder if “Stephen” will mention it at all?

    South Carolina is one viscous, dirty, nasty, cesspool of Republican political dirty tricks. (Lee Atwater is from there.) I wish her the best.

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  5. What an interesting development. I really hope she wins. Will this be good material for the show, I guess we’ll find out.

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  6. I just read that she could be up against former governor Mark Sanford or Ted Turner’s son, Teddy, on the Republican side. Yikes. All kidding aside, I really do wish her well. I would love to see her win.

    I do kind of hope “Stephen” comments on it, because you know it will be funny and supportive even while he’s saying “see you in hell.”

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  7. Good for her!!! If Mark Sanford runs against her I sure hope she beats that manilla envelope! It’s funny, for some reason I thought all of his sisters and brothers were republicans because of something Stephen said in an interview once. Like you all, I’m very interested to see if he’ll mention her running on his show. He can call her Congresswoman Lulu when she wins. :)

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  8. @Ann G I am sure he will. Now that she is entering the public sphere, she can be talked about. I would like to see an interview with her where Stephen acts very hurt because she is running as a Democrat, like “how could you?!” sort of thing.

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  9. Is she a ColberT or a Col-bear? Just wondering. Also her last name has Busch, which even though it’s got the C in it, it sounds like Bush, as in W. Just thinking of things that they might do with it.

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  10. @llama She is a ColberT, another point of contention to between them, to be sure ;) Her husband is of european descent, accounting for the germanic spelling Busch.

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  11. Yes, @Llama and @CN Helper She is a ColberT and her hubby is Claus – Santa Claus, perhaps?

    Slate Article They said she would have an uphill climb because the state is heavily Republican but with “Former Gov. Mark Sanford (R-Appalachian Trail)” running, how can this not be just too much entertainment!

    Don’t know how STC will handle it but if anyone can find a way, TCR STC and Crew will!

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  12. The NY Daily News posted a fine picture of Ms. Colbert-Busch. This is Lulu, isn’t it? Or am I mixing up my nicknames. She has the family eyes: direct and confident with a sparkle.

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  13. @Elanor
    Yes, it is Lulu! I’m trying to remember the joke he once made about her on the show–I actually think it was about her cheating at cards or some game. Can’t remember.

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  14. I am interested in supporting Ms. Colbert-Busch; however, I can find no website that provides her stances on issues–including her own (i.e., http://www.elizabethcolbertbusch.com). I’ve even read several news reports about her candicacy, but none provide any information about the issues important to her.

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