January 10th, 2013 — Ben Gibbard

The Colbert Report episode guide EPISODE NUMBER: 9042 (January 10, 2013)
GUESTS: Ben Gibbard
SEGMENTS: Roadside Sofa Boning | Obama’s Failed Second Term | Tip/Wag – HAPIfork & Kevin Garnett | Benjamin Gibbard
EXCLUSIVE: Benjamin Gibbard & Aimee Mann – “Bigger Than Love” | Benjamin Gibbard – “I’m Building a Fire”
SUIT REPORT: Grey Suit | Blue Shirt | Silver/Blue Striped Tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, October 10, 2013

So great to have a full week under our belt since the winter break. Stephen looked pleased and refreshed to be performing again.

Stephen Colbert welcomes his audience to "Chit Chat" on January 10, 2013

So good to have you back, Mr. C! To start, it sounded like there was much silliness shared in the pre-show Q&A session. After a great though rare shot behind the desk, Mr. Colbert beamed at his audience in his usual appreciation of their appreciation and welcome us all to “Chit/Chat, where we girls just sit around and talk …”

Stephen Colbert tosses his hair back on The Colbert Report January 10, 2013

It seems that yet again, the TCR predicted the news even before it happened.  Mr. C bravely rushed in where most pundits fear to tread by making his stand, “Getting all sexual with a sectional … roadside sofa boning is wrong!”

Stephen Colbert explains why Sofa Boning is not good.

Going from couch to armchair president, Mr. Colbert went on to patiently declare his well researched opinion regarding “Obama’s failed second term that hasn’t started yet.” He questions Mr. Obama’s personnel decisions by asking “Where the white women at?” in Obama’s second term cabinet.

Because of his lack of object permanence,  “if you can’t see it, it does not exist” Mr. C sympathizes with all women concerned about their lack of representation in government as women are distracted by what could his hand be doing under his desk. But he does concede to all fanboys, he “loves white men, he sleeps with one every night.”

He also shouts out to his former presidential ticket top, the “formerly relevant Mike Huckabee.”  Declaring”Huckabee and Huckameee,” he calls out his allegiance to all women with “it make you furious that we are delighted that you are angry!”

Stephen Colbert angry for women about being angry about no women in Obama's cabinet

Unless you watched The Daily Show just before, you might not be even aware of Mr. Lew, recent Obama cabinet nominee, but Mr. C shows his audience just how racist they may be by showing a picture of an Asian, “Mr. Lew” before showing them the true Mr. Lew image and declares, “You racist!” *High Five* Mr. C!

Stephen Colbert calling his audience racists for not recognizing Mr. Lew

But perhaps Mr. Lew is also confused as illustrated in his moniker and public signature which is as Mr. C so aptly describes, “a pubic hair masquerading as a signature.”

Stephen Colbert calls out Mr. Lew's silly signature and implies he writes that way

Now, all ColbertNation heroes are aware of Mr. C penchant for techie-devices and as he says, anything with a “stupid name, inflated price and incredibly narrow usefulness” he is all over it especially if he gets it for free. And with a Colbert Bump, we predict there will be a run on “the ultrasonic waterproof Harry Potter pepper mills.”

Stephen Colbert admits to his gadget addiction

We were treated to a nice if brief Colbert Break when he dropped one of his “Hong Kong slippery chopsticks.” *Shakes fist at Hong Kong* for threatening our silverware!

Stephen Colbert almost breaks when he drops a chopstick under the desk.

Now all fans know about Mr. Colbert’s expertise with highly sophisticated product placement but he was highly impressed with the “Apple jack! snap!” by the b-ball banter when one player to another and he schools them all on how to do it with the Colbert-expertise!

Stephen Colbert calls snap on some b-ball banter

And a rare but much appreciated lipsmack!

Stephen Colbert lipsmacks

Guest Ben Gibbard … anyone else thought STC was a bit hostile with Ben?

Stephen Colbert with Benjamin Gibbard

Oh, heck, here is a vicarious shot of the handsome, Mr. Colbert, anyone object?

Stephen Colbert announcing his musical guests: Benjamin Gibbard



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    @Elanor Gamgee You’ll be great! My favorite quote of this ep: “Where the white women at?”

    I am very saddened at myself to say that when I heard of the sofa-boning dude I also immediately recalled the ep with Stephen describing sexual attraction to “particularly plump couch cushions.” This is your brain on TCR. Any questions?