‘The Colbert Report’ Listed on the Progressive Honour Roll of 2012

Stephen Colbert mediaMost Valuable Educational TV Show: The Colbert Report

Politicians relied on them, pundits defended or decried them, and groups like Common Cause, Public Citizen and People for the American Way did their best to challenge them. But only Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert unraveled the mysteries of Super PACs for most Americans. He made these arcane election fundraising vehicles the perfect punch line as he promoted his Colbert Super PAC—with the slogan “Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow”—throughout the 2012 campaign. Colbert’s satire was a hoot. But as long as Super PACs continue to dominate our politics, the joke will be on the American people.

Stephen Colbert

Source: The Nation.

  • CN Helper

    I like this pic of Stephen, in that he looks very intense.

  • Elanor

    Possible Caption, “Stop it right there, I am about to deliver a lighten bolt of Truthiness!”