Fan Art — A Poem to the “Pundit Maximus”

Welcome to Fan Art, where we highlight the glorious manifestations of Stephen, as rendered by fans and talented artists.

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© Franklin Neubauer

In this edition we feature a poem written by Franklin Neubauer, who also commissioned a portrait of Stephen attired as Pope Leo XIII to illustrate the verses.
Here is an excerpt of the poem:

This man among men has been
As angry as Bill O’Reilly
As afraid of immigrants as Lou Dobbs
As pro-traditional marriages as Rush Limbaugh
As unreasonable as Sean Hannity
As intolerant as James Dobson
As clairvoyant as Bill Kristol.

You can visit to download the poem in its entirety.

Franklin explains his inspiration for poem and the artwork, designed by BizzyBzzz Graphic Design:

My poem makes the case that Stephen has exceeded all rivals to the title of The Greatest Pundit. The Latin translation of The Greatest Pundit, Pundit Maximus, was chosen to fit Stephen Colbert. Occasionally, the Pope has used the Latin title Pontifex Maximus.

To illustrate the poem, the artwork needed to be similar to art used to portray earlier Popes. A review of images of Popes during September 2012 uncovered a portrait of Pope Leo XIII suitable for adaptation. Pope Leo’s reign began in 1878, a time of more traditional values, befitting Stephen Colbert. Also, Leo was not as heavy as some predecessors were, so his outward appearance was closer to Stephen’s.

Interesting to see Stephen depicted as a Pontiff – goes to show that his character can be molded into many guises. What do you think of this very high and holy version of Stephen?

For more information, be sure to check out Franklin’s site,

  • Franklin

    I was shocked to hear today’s news about Pope Benedict’s resignation for health reasons. It’s such a rare event. Stephen may succeed him as Pope, which would be glorious.