December 13, 2012 — Sister Simone Campbell

GUESTS: Sister Simone Campbell
SPECIAL GUESTS: Jeff Tweedy | Mavis Staples | Sean Lennon | Hugh Bonneville | Jim Carter | Rob James-Collier
SEGMENTS: Hurricane Sandy Mega Concert | Uncensored – Breaking Abbey | Colbert Super PAC – The Ham Rove Memorial Fund | Sign Off – Jeff Tweedy, Mavis Staples & Sean Lennon – “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”
SUIT REPORT: Dark suit | Blue shirt | Red/white striped tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, December 13, 2012


makers mark“I’m not looking ahead to the break, I’ve already started…That is not a prop”

Stephen got his drink on then talked about the Hurricane Sandy Relief concert where he performed the night before.

“[Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton] …were all just opening acts for rock legend Stephen Colbert.”

“I was honored to be there and to be just offstage filming Mick Jagger shaking his sexy bag of bones”

The perks of being first lady.

Michelle Obama gets to watch an advanced copy of ‘Downton Abbey’ before it premieres next month.

michelle obama downton abbey

 “Oh yes, chop chop! Fetch me the ‘Downtons’ NOW!”

“We commoners are left in fear of what will happen to Downton as it lurches into the 20th century. Will Grantham accept Sybil’s baby with Branson? Will the dowager countess accept the marriage proposal from a young Corporal Hitler?”

However, Stephen has footage from Vince Gilligan of some scenes from the upcoming final season of Breaking Bad, performed by the men of Downton Abbey:

breaking abbey

“I promised the buyer product and a gentleman keeps his word or one has a cap popped in one’s ass”

downton men breaking bad

“Soon Downton will be kicking it with mad bitches and benjamins”

breaking abbey tea drinking

That’s the best, right there. The pinky and all. “I’ll take that s*** with some milk”

The Ham Rove memorial fund.

The money from the Super PAC was funneled into the Ham Rove memorial fund. “Ham was chief strategist and principal lunch meat for Colbert Super PAC.”

It was donated to charities:

“I wanted the money to go to Unicef. Unfortunately the rest of the board found out that Unicef is the name of my yacht.”

$125K each to Donors Choose, Team Rubicon’s Sandy outreach, Habitat for Humanity, The Yellow Ribbon fund.

The remainder of the money is split among the Center for Responsive Politics and the Campaign Legal Center where each has named a room in memoriam to the Super PAC and to Ham Rove, respectively. They are organizations that are working for campaign finance reform.

ham rove memorial fund

“As these advocates for transparency are moaning about how powerless they are to stop it, little Ham here, will be up on that wall watching the whole thing unfold with relish…and maybe a little dijon.”

Sister Simone Campbell

She was named one of the brave thinkers of 2012, by The Atlantic magazine, for publicly disagreeing with the Pope about what the church needs to be most focused on and what it should put on the back burner, so to speak.

She also is a staunch advocate for the needs of the poor.

sister simone campbell

Stephen: Why do we have to talk about the poor? It’s Christmastime, keep it light, it’s a happy time of year.

Sister Simone: but that’s exactly what Jesus is all about.

She is still trying to defeat Paul Ryan’s budget. Sister Simone is a wonderful woman. She really has it right when it comes to what Jesus believed in. I’m wishing her luck in her efforts to defeat Paul Ryan.


Mavis Staples, Sean Lennon, Jeff Tweedy and the Harlem Gospel choir sing “This is Christmas (war is over)” which is available on itunes.


Merry Christmas, Nation!





10 thoughts on “December 13, 2012 — Sister Simone Campbell

  1. Fabulous end to the year! Love love love Sister Simone, really enjoyed the music, and lovely to see the PAC funds going to such worthy causes. Thanks Ham Rove! Much of the Downton Abbey bit went over my head, not being a regular viewer of either show, but otherwise really enjoyed this last show.

    And what a great farewell for Wyatt! Having your own Muppet – you know you’ve really made it…

    Tip of the Hat! Thumb up +4

  2. What an amazing end to the year! Loved everything about this ep- Downton Abby spoof, Stephen’s Mick Jagger video (hilarious), and most of all, the mystery solved on the “what will happen to the SuperPAC money” question. I hope the charities that receive the funds will put them towards really making a difference for their respective causes. Particularly political finance reform. If we can put a death knell on the influence of SuperPACs on our electoral process, we will have done our country a good.

    I still have the song in my head “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”- pretty remarkable to see all the eclectic mix of performers up there, and Stephen actually enjoying a real, non-prop cocktail. I hope he and the rest of the crew have a restful break. I will miss him until next year, but wait- I’m a little behind on my holiday shopping. I may have to hang up my laptop over here a little bit to get caught up on real life.

    Tip of the Hat! Thumb up +2

  3. This was such a wonderful episode, one to send us off smiling and satisfied. I particularly adored “Breaking Downtown,” which had me in stitches. I wonder if “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan had anything to do with the concept; when he was a writer with “The X-Files,” he did one of its funniest episodes, called “Small Potatoes.” He certainly has a comic mind. But kudos to the great “Downton” men for coming through.

    Needless to say, I loved the song, and sometimes when I looked at Sean–especially when he smiled–my heart skipped a beat because he reminded me so much of his father. I think of the violence that ended John’s life on this terrible day when a man with a gun murdered 20 young children and several adults. And I think of the line: “Let’s make it a good one, without any fear.” Who can say this is so yet? I still “Imagine” that it could be.

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  4. Hello great members,
    Can you help me understanding these worlds following:
    little ham here will be upon that wall watching the whole thing with relish and maybe little
    I listened to the segment again and again but I can’t catch that two word.
    Thank you.

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  5. Great end to the year! Loved the whole episode (but mostly Mick Jagger video), and I never doubted that the money will be donated to charity.

    @Prim, it’s ”…with relish and maybe a little dijon.”

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  6. AHHH: On my post, that should have been “Breaking DOWNTON,” not “DOWNTOWN.” Auto-correct, maybe? Sigh. Grrrr.

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  7. First off, I loved Stephen’s tie – it is so rare that he wears a red tie, and it was very sharp. And secondly, what a great way to cap off the year! The Downton Abbey sketch was hilarious, especially when they dropped the expletives. I don’t know why I laughed the hardest at that moment, but I totally did. And Sister Campell, Jeff Tweedy, Mavis Staples, Sean Lennon, and the Harlem Gospel choir were all fantastic, and it was joyous and heartwarming to see how happy Stephen looked before introducing the song, but I think my favorite part of the episode was the closing on the SuperPAC and Ham Rove’s legacy. I knew they would donate that money to charity, but I still teared up when Stephen said where it would be going. Sometimes I can’t help but smile at the grace and generosity of Stephen and everyone else on the show. It’s just wonderful.

    This year has been so, so fun to watch (and be a part of when I had the pleasure of attending another taping!), and Stephen and the staff should be incredibly proud of the work they have done this year. I feel like the past two weeks have been a giant celebration for everybody at the show, what with Hobbit Week and then having all of these great guests on the week after. Here’s hoping they all have a well-rested, family-filled holiday vacation; they’ve certainly earned it!

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  8. It’s been such a great year for the show. I hope they can have a nice relaxing break. It’s true, the last two weeks were so big and special for those who worked on the show. They deserve it.

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