December 4, 2012 — Martin Freeman

The Colbert Report Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: 9032 (December 4, 2012)
GUESTS: Martin Freeman
SEGMENTS: The Pundit: Or Colbert and Back Again – Hobbit Week Night Two | Low-T & Low-O | Kate the Great’s Morning Sickness | Sign Off – The Pundit: Or Colbert and Back Again – Rivendell
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VIDEOS:Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I love theme weeks or theme shows on The Colbert Report; there is something about the show that really shines when Stephen and crew focus the programming around a single subject.

What better subject can ever be tackled than Stephen’s mind boggling appreciation of Tolkien. This is the best promotion that could ever be done for The Hobbit, to be sure, and it is still throughly entertaining to those of us who are not super familiar with LoTR.

Tonight Stephen tackled the mass marketing of Androgel and a new term he coined as well, “Low-O” for the ladies. It is safe to say we will all be pretty jacked up on hormones pretty soon, more than ever before, courtesy of our tainted water supply.

Poor Kate. Hoping she feels better soon. She didn’t sound too well from that phone call. You just hang in there, Duchess.

Well Hobsters, what did you think of the ep, and how do you like Hobbit Week so far? Be sure to hob-ment.

The Pundit: Or Colbert and Back Again – Hobbit Week Night Two

“Martin Freeman, how exciting. His father Morgan must be so proud.”

Who would have thought that elderly Fox viewers would be more susceptible to misinformation?

Low-T & Low-O

Yes, it’s good for up to six hours, although men are not. So, basically, it’s a few minutes of intimacy followed by 5 & 1/2 hours of highly erotic scrapbooking.

It’s just androgel you spray directly into your brain. So ladies, don’t be surprised if your pre-frontal lobes sprouts a handlebar mustache.

Kate the Great’s Morning Sickness

Now this morning sickness means that she will probably restrict herself to a bland diet. Otherwise known as food in England.

Well you heard it here first, folks. This year’s hot look will be dry heaving.


Lego-ized Bilbo Baggins

Admiring Rivendell. Stephen: “Are you asking me whether I have violated copyright infringement and should Newline come after me with a lawsuit?” Freeman: “In so many words.” Stephen: “Thank you for joining me.”

Sign Off – The Pundit: Or Colbert and Back Again – Rivendell

  • llama

    hob-ment? Hey we should be like, the Hub-bit, or Hob-sters, or something….??

  • CN Helper

    @llama I just felt it incumbent upon me to insert the prefix “hob” in any hob-tacular, hob-rific manner possible. So I would say you are right, this week we should we be “Hob-sters.” Happy hobbitting!

  • applepies

    As a partaker of the ‘wizard pipe’ occasionally, I loved the opening :) Stephen went to town on that pipe!

  • colbaby

    I’m loving these Hobbit shows. I’m not even a huge Tolkien fan, but Stephen’s fanatical joy is contagious. Martin Freeman was great (and thirsty apparently!). I ran into him August of last year when he was filming Sherlock, and he was surrounded by ladies. 😛

  • Katt

    I had hoped to post an insightful comment, but the ‘Low-T & Low-O’ segment blew my mind. I can’t help but wonder if it is even safe to watch a segment on AndroGel. Do I need to wash my screen off once the segment is over? How is it legal to sell that stuff?

    Can’t say I’m a fan of ‘Sherlock’, but I love Martin Freeman, he was such a fun guest. I remember watch him in ‘The Office’ thinking he would fade away into obscurity, but he’s just been getting better and better since. Being Christmas, I think a re-watch of ‘Love Actually’ is in order!!

  • lockhart43

    I’m guessing some part of tumblr must have exploded last night – Stephen interviews Martin Freeman about starring in The Hobbit, and name-drops both ‘Sherlock’ and Benedict Cumberbatch. If there are two things that tumblr loves, it’s ‘Sherlock’ and Benedict Cumberbatch. Freeman was wonderful, too – I loved to play with legos as a kid with my brother, so it was great to see how excited Freeman was to be lego-ized.

    Stephen is never going to stop talking about being on the set of The Hobbit or about being the all-knowing walking Tolkien dictionary. It’s a good thing I don’t want him to stop talking about it. It’s gotta feel so cool to have something that’s been so important to him for so long be completely validated.

  • lockhart43

    Long time no see BFF!

  • CN Helper

    @colbaby Martin is kind of cute, so I get the girls crowding on him. I think he was nervous, that’s why he was habitually reaching for his mug of water. I am sure he was intimidated by Stephen, or his epic love of LoTR, or both.

  • Karenatasha

    I love Martin Freeman. But then again, I love “Sherlock.” I definitely get his attractiveness.
    Stephen, please don’t poison him!

  • colbaby

    Hey BFF!