December 3, 2012 – Ian McKellen

EPISODE NUMBER: 9031 (December 3, 2012)
GUESTS: Ian McKellen
SEGMENTS: The Pundit: Or Colbert and Back Again | The Pundit: Or Colbert and Back Again – Hobbit Week Lineup | The Word – Base Instincts | Senior Moment – Granny Pods | Sign Off – The Pundit: Or Colbert and Back Again – Sting
SUIT REPORT: Pin stripped suit | Light blue shirt | Red stripped tie
VIDEOS: Monday, December 3, 2012

The Colbert Report Hobbit set

One Tolkein Over the Line

The Realm of Middle America

Colbert Report Hobbit Intro

Hipsters Deep

The Pundit or Colbert and Back Again

Colbert Report Hobbit Door

Stephen Colbert King Geek

You hear that girls from Middle School? I am not a Geek. I am King Geek!
Buddy, just hang in there for another 35 years. It’s gonna pay off.

Colbert Blade of Sting

I have to say, that was an exciting and unverified escalation of my career. But is any of it true? Well my lips are sealed. But let me ask you this, if I did not appear in ‘The Hobbit Trilogy’ why do I have the Elvish blade Sting? One of the original Sting’s used in ‘The Lord of the Rings Trilogy’.

Colbert Fall of Gondolin

Did I find it in a Mountain Troll’s cave, or is it just some prop? Oh no, this was made in Gondolin before the Fall.

No murders in New York City

I was crushed to learn the metropolis I know and love has changed. *Not one person was murdered in New York City on Monday* What happened? I remember the real New York of the 80s, when in a single night you could score some weed, catch a Times Square porno, and then get stabbed in the neck by a coked up Lou Reed.

M&Ms tries to flash you its peanut

Now Times Square has become a Disneyfied Bubba Gump Wimp Company. The worst that could happen is one of those giant M&Ms tries to flash you its peanut.


Supercalifragislisticexpiali *beep* me.

Stephen Colbert Time Machine

To this day I am afraid to go through a revolving door.

Teach a Man to Fish Restaurant

No one ever comes back.

The Word - Base Instincts

We have got to do something to scare white Repubicans back into voting.

Stephen Colbert iPad

Look at everything I have. You see this iPad right here, I got it for free. And my free iPad has its own free Mini iPad, which has its own free iPhone 5, which has a free Nano, which has its own free Shuffle. I can afford all this, but I don’t have to pay for it. Doesn’t that make you just wanna bludgeon me with a chair leg until I burst open like a cash piñata?

Granny Pod

Yes a ‘Granny Pod’. Why spend time in a cold sterile hospital environment far from your family, when you could be in a cold sterile hospital environment with inside of your family, in your own medical grade shed for just $85 – 125, 000.

Sir Ian McKellen on The Colbert Report

Ian: You know, we’re making a sequel in Middle Earth. It’s going to star Gandalf the Gay. And you get to find out who his favourite Dwarf is!
Stephen: I can’t wait to see it in 3D, is all I’m saying.

Stephen: Are you ever tempted when you’re playing Gandalf, and the Orcs are coming after you … Do you ever get tempted to use any of that Magneto power, and just take their swords away from them?
Ian: No Stephen, because Gandalf is more powerful than Magneto.

Stephen: What’s Gandalf’s middle name?
Ian: Uh …
Stephen: Uh … ‘Fifty Shades Of.’

  • CN Helper

    Oh my God! Look at the set!

  • karenatasha

    @CN Helper
    I know! Everything we wanted to happen, happened. He redid the set. He spoke Elvish. He brandished props. Pretty awesome. And McKellan was just wonderful.

    On the non-Hobbit front, I loved The Word (what else is new) as well as he evocation of New York in the good-old bad-old days before Disneyfication. You’d almost think he was a native New Yorker. (That’s a high compliment, you guys. Well, from me, anyway.)

  • Mrc

    Wow, the set looks amazing! The portrait is slightly different, too.
    The interview was great, and I love how Stephen knows more about Gandalf than Ian who plays the character (not that I’m surprised). Also, love the ear trick :).

  • Ivy

    Gandalf the Gay! I love Sir Ian.

  • lockhart43

    Wow, thanks for all of the great pictures, Katt!

    Stephen must be having an absolute ball this week. It’s always cool when something Stephen genuinely loves and is nerdy about is able to seep through and be illuminated by “Stephen.” So it’ll be nice throughout the week to see the different ways that Stephen shows off his LotR knowledge through the eyes of “Stephen.” Also, that set looked amazing!! Many kudos to the set designers and whoever else was involved in that; they did a wonderful job.

    Sir Ian was marvelous. I mean, purple socks! The man was wearing purple-striped socks! Those are the socks of a magnificent man. That “Gandalf the Gay” comment cracked me up, and it was sweet that he kissed Stephen’s hand at the end of the interview. He seemed to be impressed with Stephen, and not just because of his LotR knowledge.

  • Ann G

    The set is awesome. I was hoping they’d do it up all Middle Earthy.

    What a great interview. Sir Ian was lots of fun, and I loved the socks. The hand kissing at the end was just so lovely. And Stephen’s reaction when the interview was over was just wonderful — on a scale of 1 to 10, I think his happiness level was at a 37.

  • Katt

    Well I’ve finally cracked. After all that screen capping, I have finally decided to stop staring at my copy of ‘The Hobbit’ sitting on my book shelf above my screen and start reading it. I was half way through ‘Barrel Fever’, but it is just going to have to wait, because I am thoroughly enjoying ‘The Hobbit’ so far. I have even managed to remember the names of all the Dwarfs from the films trailer.

    I was slightly worried that I would have no idea what Stephen was Tolkeining about, but honestly I don’t care, I’d gladly watch his joy any day and impress sword collection any day!! I loved the ‘Gandalf the Gay’ comment. It seems to be a trend with aging wizards, first Dumbledore, now Gandalf, the fanfic practically writes itself.