Day 1: Hubmas Adphent Calendar.

  • Katt

    I forgotten how long it had been since I last watched the Ran Dance-Off. Stephen definitely knows how to pull off a red pair of jeans.

  • Caroline

    Nice! I have never seen that photo (though I have watched the dance-off many times).

  • lockhart43

    Oh, Stephen. Those sunglasses are ridiculous but that hair is majestic!

    Were we calling it Hubmas last year? Regardless, I like it. :)

  • llama

    YAY! 24 more days of eye candy!! Also, I love and want those ornaments in the graphic, with the american flag on them.

  • Katt


    I call it Hubmas in my head when I plan it out, but I’m not sure if I actually said it on the site last year.