Should Stephen Colbert be Named TIME Person of the Year?

Stephen Colbert Time Magazine Stephen Colbert, 48, is like Mary Poppins with that spoonful of sugar, mixing lessons about American politics with nonstop jokes. During the election, the faux-conservative host of The Colbert Report orchestrated a relentless send-up of super PACs, forming his own to illustrate the dangers of funneling unlimited anonymous funds into elections. It’s a prime example of how Colbert uses his wit and magnetism to bring dry but important information to the masses. With his show appearing in living rooms nightly, Colbert uses satire to more effect than perhaps any other American.

Vote for Stephen: [Link]

  • CN Helper

    Wow! When I checked earlier Stephen was waayyy at the top, even higher than Pres. Obama! For some reason, Kim Jung Un is leading the poll. I never thought people would find third generation dictators of brutal regimes so attractive.

    However, Malala Yousufzai is also highly ranked, and it’s hard to find a person more deserving given all her bravery, so I am rooting for her.

  • karenatasha

    It’s worth remembering that TIME’s “Person of the Year” is not always the best human being, or even someone who is viewed positively, but one who is seen have having a very particular impact on the world. Hitler was chosen in his time, and so have other tyrants. Not sure quite why, even under those criteria, Kim Jung Un is leading. I guess the lack of any real knowledge about him and his country must create a fascinating mystery around him.

  • applepies

    4chan/Anonymous is pushing Kim Jong Un as the leader right now, so the voting is rigged :(

  • Katt

    How is The Mars Rover classified as a person? Would love to see it win though. I imagine “Stephen” will have a thing or two to say about being beaten by a machine.

  • Gratefull

    It seems to be tracking IP addresses or something. *cough*Any way to vote more than once?*Cough*

  • Katt


    You can vote from different browsers, and do it everyday. I don’t think you can keep refreshing, not unless you want to reboot all the time.

    Maybe ask the 4chan/Anon Kim Jong Un fans what they’ve been doing.

  • Gratefull

    @Katt … thanks, I hope I can vote from different browsers but it didn’t let me vote but once for STC from Chrome, despite it being a different day. I’ll go and check again but that is what happened yesterday having voted a number of days before. I am sad some voted against STC. Such is life.

  • Katt

    It seems the voting has gone crazy over night, Jon has jumped way ahead of Stephen in vote counts.