November 29, 2012 — Sean Carroll

EPISODE NUMBER: 9030 (November 29, 2012)
GUESTS: Sean Carroll
SEGMENTS: Moon Shattering News | Tip/Wag-Gay Rights Pioneers and Gun Dorms | Top 10 of 2012 & Operation Killing “Killing Kennedy”
SUIT REPORT: Black Pinstripe jacket | Sky-blue dress shirt | Sun Yellow tie w/ polka dots
VIDEOS: Thursday, November 29, 2012

“I just want to go up into the stands and cradle you in my arms like a baby”

Sounds good to me!

Moon Shattering News

Apparently during the Cold war, the U.S. had plans to blow up the moon with a nuke. However, Eisenhower wimped out.

“Now the moon is emboldened. Just a couple days ago it was half that size”

Tip/Wag-Gay Rights Pioneers and Gun Dorms

“Folks, if you ask me…you shouldn’t be asking me because I ask the questions around here.”

“Boeing, a name synonymous with aerospace excellence and boner sound effects” has announced that they will deny pension benefits to married same sex couples. Lovely.

“By the way, I urge you not to google ‘gay job explosion'”

Colorado U has made some dorms only for students who carry guns.

“I have to give a wag of my finger at University of Colorado students, because not one signed up to live in the gun dorm. C’mon, this is college. It’s time to get crazy. Do shots, take shots, get shot. Maybe join a fraternity like ‘Ima Poppa Kappa.'”

Top 10 of 2012 & Operation Killing “Killing Kennedy”

The media’s lists of the top stuff of the year are coming fast and furious. Stephen is #5 on Time’s list of nominees for “person of the year”. He’s behind a K-Pop star again and this time it’s not Rain. It’s Kim Jong Un. Oh, no sorry. He is #1. #4, right in front of Stephen is someone named Psy. (Does his last name begin with D? Just wondering) It is funny how he’s behind another Korean, two actually.

Then he revealed that Bill O’Reilly’s books are ahead of “America Again”. When BillO was on The Daily Show awhile back he said the next one would be “Killing Colbert”. So Stephen took it out on the O’Reilly shrine under his desk.

NATION! Buy Stephen’s book, if you have to, buy “America Again” again. We can’t let O’Reilly sit on top!

“Oh, it’s on!”

Sean Carroll

Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll was on to promote his book, “The Particle at the End of the Universe”. Stephen asked him to explan the Higgs Boson particle again. It’s tricky.

“explain to me again, because I understand it when you explain it to me, but the moment you leave the room, it evaporates from my head”

You see, the Higgs Boson is um, yeah. He’s right, it really does evaporate. Just buy the book. That’s two books that we should be buying, Nation.

Sign Off-Acceptance Speech

Nice. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a sign off that’s more than just a goodnight.

“I’d like to thank my agent James Dixon, my manager Doreen Lippman, my lawn guy, Jose, my other lawn guy, I’m sorry I keep calling you Jose, but I can’t remember your name. I wanna thank LouDog, blufie, Steve from Blues Clues, the whole gang over at McVicker’s pickles, Amerigo Vespucci without whom, none of this would’ve been possible…Oh my god, they’re playing me off. OH! and my beautiful wife and kids, I’m sorry I keep calling you Jose, but I can’t remember your names. GOODNIGHT!”

  • CN Helper

    Thursday night audiences typically make the show so much more fun with their massive energy. It was great to see that America Again continues to do well, but we do have to vault it over that O’Reilly character! Loved also Stephen blasting him away with the fire extinguisher. Oh, Mr. O’Reilly, don’t mess with Stephen.

  • applepies

    Is it just me/my screen settings, but has Stephen been looking a bit orange lately?

  • Katt


    Not sure about Stephen, but I noticed in the Election Night Toss that Jon practically looked like an Oompa Loompa. Maybe they’ve changed something on their end?

  • Erika

    Thank you Stephen for thanking Steve from Blue’s Clues and not Joe. That guy sucks. 😉

  • CN Helper

    Love the caps, llama. Great ep guide.