Save the Date: Trevor Potter reddit AMA.

Stephen Colbert appearances ColbertSuperPAC lawyer Trevor Potter will be doing a reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) at 1:30PM (EST) on Tuesday, 27 November 2012.

If you’ve ever had any burning questions about PAC’s, working with Stephen Colbert or appearing on ‘The Colbert Report’, this is your opportunity to ask.

(Thanks to colbaby for the Tip!)

  • lockhart43

    How cool! Reddit just became even more awesome for doing this. I’m not on reddit, so I won’t be asking any questions, but I’m excited to read the AMA!

  • Katt


    If there is anything you or any other Hubsters would like to ask Trevor, but don’t have a reddit account, let me know and I can ask on your behalf.

  • lockhart43


    Thanks Katt! I’ll try to think of something here in the next few days and email it to you.

  • Katt

    What was your initial reaction when Colbert told you he wanted to start a Super PAC?

    First he called and asked about 30 minutes of technical questions about Pacs–who can have one, how they work, etc. Then he asked if I’d be “willing to say all of that on air”…so I went on the show to answer his questions and explain Pacs. Only after that did he tell me that he really wanted one, and asked if I could help–and by then I was impressed enough with him to say “sure”…every lawyer likes a new and interesting client–it makes going to the office much more fun!

    What is the plan with the money that was pulled from the Super Pac to the 501(c)4? I understand him going through the process of “keeping it” to show the holes in the system. But I find it hard to believe he would actually do that when all was said and done.

    That is a question for Mr. Colbert–his lawyer is obligated by the attorney-client privilege not to reveal client secrets! I have great faith in Stephen Colbert, and am confident the money will be well-used–but the point being made is that under current laws it is possible to have it all disapear from public view–which it just has.

    Seeing how this point has been made crystal clear. Have we seen the end of that segment, and in turn, your role as his lawyer (for the time being)?

    That is up to the client, i’m afraid…we’ll have to wait and see…

    Is Stephen Colbert reall funny? Or do his writers ‘put makeup on the pig’?

    Stephen Colbert is truly the wittiest person I have ever met–and one of the very brightest. No kidding. He runs the show, directs the cameras, edits his scripts, tells the writings how a joke should work…it’s all him.

    Most obvious question: What’s it like to be near the magical essence that is Stephen Colbert?

    He is a blast–he exudes energy and intensity.