Save the Date: Stephen Colbert on ‘ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky and Ian Foley’.

Stephen Colbert appearances Stephen Colbert will be a guest on the podcast ‘ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky and Ian Foley’. The free podcast will be available for download from iTunes on Wednesday, 21st November, 2012.





Stepehn Colbert and David Razowsky ADD Comedy

© David Razowsky

Stephen Colbert and Ian Foley ADD Comedy

Federica Fornaciari, Ian Foley, David Razowsky and Stephen Colbert

  • We thank you for the “Save the Date” reminder!

  • I’ll be listening!!

  • Thank you, Braden!

  • Katt

    @david razowsky

    You’re welcome Dave, and welcome to the Hub!!. Looking forward to hearing the Podcast!!

  • Victoria

    Excellent! I just saw this on Twitter and came over here to post about it! 🙂

    BTW…I love the current scroll above about Ham Rove! 🙂

  • CN Helper

    Every time I see David I am reminded of his performance with Stephen at the Second City 50 year reunion, when they did the “Maya” scene together. It was so incredible. “I’ve better get back to the haberdashery…” If you don’t know what I am talking about, youtube it.

    Anyhoo, looking forward to this podcast as well! I am totally a David fangirl as well.

  • llama

    That is one of the few lucky guys who has kissed Stephen. Like, on the lips. Also, I was wondering why they called it ADD comedy, then I realized it must mean A.D.D., right?

  • Karenatasha

    Excellent! Thanks for the reminder! I will be downloading to keep.

  • lockhart43

    I’m so excited for this!

    Why does Stephen look so adorable in a hat? It’s one of life’s mysteries…

  • llama

    O M G he is absolutely adorable in baseball caps. is that why you have a picture of him in a baseball cap as your avatar?

  • @CN Helper
    One of my favorite scenes from the many I was a part of at Second City. That scene was a joy to do every night we did it.

    Thanks, CN Helper!

  • “A.D.D.” is right!!


  • lockhart43

    Initially, I had decided on it just because I love the picture so much and because he’s got a great smile in it. But now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure I subconsciously chose the picture because of the baseball cap, yes. 😛

  • Karenatasha

    @david razowsky

    That scene is a favorite for many of us, David! I’m happy to hear that it was a joy to do.

  • Dystopia In Action

    @david razwosky, I listened to your current pod, with the awesome Susan Messing. A great audio tutorial on playing truth. Someday, I hope to be great enough to play with you and Susan and every other great improviser.

  • Thanks, Dystopiainaction! Should you ever be in LA, check out a drop-in class I teach. Info at
    @Dystopia In Action

  • llama

    How cool is it? David Razowsky is a hubster? Welcome!

  • Dystopiainaction

    @david razowsky

    Just downloaded and listened to your pod with Stephen. Another great pod – truly a great time you two had chatting.

    In fact, ALL are wonderful. As an improviser/actor, I love the information that is given in the course of your chats.

    Will we New Yorkers ever have the privilege of seeing you play here? (pleasepleaseplease)

  • @Dystopiainaction
    I’m in NYC at least a few times a year, and perform each time! I just did a sold-out show with Ed Herbstman at The Magnet.

    Sign up and get info here. I’d love to see ya!