A Look Back — The Wilford Brimley Bromance

Colbert News Hub A Look Back Welcome to “A Look Back,” where we review and celebrate select clips from the overwhelmingly voluminous video catalog and the many splendid works of Stephen T. Colbert over the years.

For this edition of a A Look Back I thought it would be fun to shake things up and honor a very special person in Stephen’s life, Wilford Brimley. According to our fearless host, the pair met when Stephen was an intern on the set of The Firm, and was tasked with shaving Wilford’s back. From then on…it was magic. And “mentoring.” And a lot of early morning phone calls, with our favorite diabeetus spokesperson getting himself into mischief, and usually ending up in imminent personal peril.

I would love to ask the real Stephen sometime where his fascination with this actor came from, but there is no denying he can do a spot-on impression of our walrus-mustached hero. Stephen must see some kind of rock-of-the-ages wisdom in Brimley that is not evident to most people. Let’s take “A Look Back” at TCR’s best Brimley moments.

The Chat that started the Bromance (and ends in Burnt Waffles):

Stephen clearly approves of this first installment:

Brimley Congratulates Stephen on Truthiness being named “Word of the Year” (Culminating in a Raccoon Invasion):

Brimley Needs Cash in Mexico (Complete with Chicken Attack):

“What’s 3 million pesos in money?” Darn cock fighting gone wrong…happens to the best of us. That silky was gonna win!

My personal favorite: Brimley hits the Hashish, Leading to Mayhem:

Don’t try to rewind your DVDs in the toaster, they’ll only catch fire. Note: oatmeal is not a good fire retardant.

Brimley reacts to the “Larry” the Quaker Oats Guy Getting a Make-Over:

“There’s a stranger in my house! What did they do to my oatmeal box?”

(Home lipo-it’s got him “by the cinnamon stick!”)

Most recently, Stephen defends Brimley’s Famous Oatmeal Catchphrase against an unsuspecting President Obama:

Next to Wilford Brimley, no one can make oatmeal or diabetes sexier, I guess. Are there any other recurring TCR characters that tickle you in particular? Do share in the comments, and thanks for taking A Look Back.

  • Jaime

    Hey, let’s not forget Wilford’s cameo in Strangers With Candy! 😉

    • CN Helper

      Hi Jaime! I am getting a little foggy on my Strangers recall, def need to go back and re-watch the series…hmm…maybe a Christmas break activity. Anyhoo, which ep had the Brimley reference in it? Normally I would ask the Hub’s resident SWC expert, lockhart43, but perhaps you can remind me of it.