November 8, 2012 — Rachel Maddow

The Colbert Report Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: 9022 (November 8, 2012)
GUESTS: Rachel Maddow
SEGMENTS: Nor’easter & Mitt Romney | Difference Makers – Stephen Dick Jr. | The Plight of Platonic Relationships | Sign Off – Goodnight
SUIT REPORT: Dark suit | White shirt | Maroon tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, November 8, 2012


“I have something I’d like to say to the 700,000 female viewers of my show. Look, don’t worry. There’s no romantic interest on my part. Just like you, apparently. We’re just friends, best friends. I just love staying up late every night with you. I have never imaged at any moment between stolen glances this could turn into something very real, very special. Something honest that will change our lives forever. And when you aren’t looking, I don’t stare at the nape of your neck and imagine running my fingers across it. And, I definitely don’t imagine you arching your back and whispering my name”.

Rachel Maddow on The Colbert Report

  • CN Helper

    What an illuminating Difference Makers- Stephen Dick will spare no legal defense to not have to pay 1 million dollars in taxes. It seemed like the court and the attorneys involved were really relishing the case (sarcasm). I am sure karenatasha will have insight as to whether stripping is more of an art form (or equal art form) to ballet.

    That was so sweet when Stephen had a little chat with the 700,000 of us that make up the somewhat neglected demographic of female viewers. It was nice to get a shout out.

  • applepies

    The stripper segment reminded me of strip clubs that performs Shakespeare naked each year to get around local nudity clauses–somehow, Hamlet done as a stripper counts as art. I will say that I think stripping as a performance art, but is it Art? I don’t think so. Art is hard enough to qualify, but we don’t tuck dollar bills in the leotards of prima ballarinas.

  • applepies

    Also, Stephen–as one of the 700,00, don’t worry. I would never friendzone you!

  • karenatasha

    @CN Helper

    Ah, yes. The stripper controversy. I’ve been following it for a while as the case was well-covered in New York. The first thing that surprised me was, I always thought that what exempted you from paying taxes was not producing art, but being a nonprofit organization. You have to file with the government for that, and fulfill certain criteria. That’s what most dance companies are–in fact, boy are they ever, because a ballet company NEVER earns a profit. They build debts that are normally taken care of through government and foundation grants along with the members of the board.

    As for the movement itself rather than the organizational structure: it’s really tricky. To me, it has to do with what the primary purpose of the choreography is. You could have a ballet integrating stripper choreography in a performance given in a conventional theater, and the distance between the dancer and the patron would indicate that the primary purpose isn’t to draw the “customer” into a sexual act. I’ve certainly seen some ballets that, in their way, came close.

    But some strippers have training and really can dance. Some women not interested in having sex with the performers go to watch the pole dancing at a strip club. Many women go to a gym to learn pole dancing. Exactly where is the line drawn? And while no one tucks dollar bills into the tutu of a prima ballerina now, in the early days, dancers WERE regarded as near-prostitutes and the Paris Opera actually had a space where the men waited to meet their ballerina mistresses. (And what if you had a strip club where the dancers were simply paid a good salary, no tips? And what about the ballerinas/danseurs forced to attend company parties and hobnob with wealthy patrons?)

    As I said, it’s complex. My instinct tends to rule against this guy because I personally don’t believe he gives a crap about “producing art.” He just wants to sell sex and not pay taxes. But in other situations things might not be so clear.

  • Mariana312

    Stephen really knows how to make the fangirls happy, doesn’t he?

  • Caroline

    The strip club on “Difference Makers” is a couple miles away from the high school I work at! I have driven past it and thought, “Wow that looks run down and grungy”. Very weird to see it featured on the show. As a native of the area, my favorite part of the segment was near the beginning, when they talked about the “arts capital” of NY state, showed NYC on a map, and then zoomed up to Albany.

  • Caroline

    Hey, my avatar came back!

  • Fangirl 41

    I also like that part too I also think of stephen as a friend not in a sexual kind of way just a sweet sweet friend

  • Galadriel

    Fanfic writers — you know what to do.

  • Karenatasha

    I did chuckle heartily as his message to fangirls, and knew that his message would steam up the screen and fuel fantasies! I do wonder what goes on in Stephen’s mind during a bit like that; he doesn’t really discuss his position as the thinking woman’s sex symbol (well, I’m calling him that) and I always feel he tries to push that aside in order to keep his perspective. Also, I wonder which writer came up with it!