Stephen Colbert Kept Audience in the Dark About Election Results.

Colbert Report Election Results

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If you watched the special live editions of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report last night, you already know that both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert revealed that Barack Obama won reelection to their studio audiences. Stewart told his audience about the win roughly five minutes after MSNBC and CNN called the election, as the Daily Show was in the midst of a recorded field piece starring correspondent Samantha Bee and then had to toss to commercial. There’s wasn’t much lag time, considering.

However, by the time Colbert’s show began at 11:30 pm ET, everyone in the nation knew that Obama had defeated Romney– everyone except the Colbert Report‘s studio audience. Last night on SiriusXM’s political channel POTUS, comedian Pete Dominick host of Stand Up with Pete Dominick on said channel and warm-up comic for the Report, revealed that Colbert purposely kept his audience in the dark about the results. No one was allowed access to the Internet, televisions or their phones upon entering the studio. The idea was that Colbert would get an organic reaction from the crowd once he did let them in on the news. Dominick says at first the audience wasn’t quite sure whether Colbert was serious or joking when he informed them.


  • CN Helper

    If I were going to hear election results from anyone, I would love for it to be from Jon or Stephen. That being said, I felt bad for the audience, because everyone in the country was already processing the news and reacting to it, and they were unaware, as you could tell by their reaction. And being that the Colbert Nation is amongst the most political aware, it was even more poignant that the studio audience was-ever-so-slightly out of the loop.

  • llama

    I was wondering that too, if they were aware, because the way he announced it, I knew it, but at the same time, I didn’t know if that was the real announcement. I had fallen asleep during the Sam Bee field piece (I was really tired and I usually never stay up that late) Then I woke up about 7 minutes into TCR so I didn’t know what was going on. When i watched both shows later, I realized I fell asleep right before the moment that they announced and woke up right after they announced on TCR. It was probably only about 10 or 15 minutes before the audience knew, which by today’s standards is a long time.

  • Katt

    Ah, that explains ‘The Toss’ and why the balloons never fell. I wonder what they ended up doing with that many balloons?

  • Mike

    To have been in the audience at Colbert’s that night knowing that you were going into a media blackout with Stephen – one of the best informed men on the planet – would have been awesome!

  • karenatasha


    Wonder if they dropped the balloons in REAL celebration once the taping was over and “Stephen” turned back into Stephen.

  • Katt


    Oh yeah, I never thought of that. I presume the staff had a little celebration after the show. Either that, or there are a whole bunch of deflated balloons lying around the studio.

  • llama

    yeah and they had some sort of table chairs and what looked like a menu on a chalkboard off to the side near the desk. Wonder what that was about?

  • CN Helper

    @Mike Welcome to the site, Mike!