Julie Bowen Picks Stephen Colbert as the Sexiest Man Alive.

Julie Bowen Picks Stephen Colbert as the Sexiest Man Alive

Β© Matt Baron | People Magazine

What turns Julie Bowen on? Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a guy who can make her laugh.

Asked at the charity event Baby2Baby’s first annual gala on Saturday whom she would pick as PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive this year, the two-time Emmy-winning Modern Family actress didn’t hesitate.

“Stephen Colbert!” she replied. “Other than my husband, it’s Stephen Colbert. My hall pass. He’s just so funny.”

Source: People Magazine.

  • susan209

    For all the times I used to fantasize that I could be his #1 — Of course, I’ve mature now, ehem, ehem — I honestly would not want to have to deal with thousands of women thinking my husband is the sexiest man alive! What’s amazing, having seen him from afar, in person, is that he is so down to earth and doesn’t let all this fangirl worship go to his head. But oh, my… the thoughts he must have in his wildest fantasies. (“Okay girls, I’m heeeere!”) He’s a lucky guy to have a true love to ground him and several thousand wanna-be-true loves to dream about πŸ˜‰ !

  • susan209

    MatureD. I meant to write “matured.”

  • llama

    Hey, the woman has good taste. I thought he should’ve been crowned years ago. I wonder if she will ever be a guest on the show.
    Susan, I don’t know how I would feel if my husband was the object of desire for so many women. I suppose I might feel a little ill at ease with it, but I think it would also make him seem that much more desirable to me.

  • Sophie

    her crush on him is adorable <3
    hopefully she'll be a guest on his show one of these days

  • Katt

    Personally I have always thought he was more handsome than sexy. After all handsomeness lasts, and sexiness does not.

    Would love to see Julie as a guest on the show, she could mud wreslte Jane Fonda for him. Or you know, Stephen could be a guest star on ‘Modern Family’.

  • llama

    At one time I was in that camp. I just thought he was a good looking guy, cute, but that was it. Then I don’t know, I just saw the sex appeal.
    Personally, and this is just my opinion, I’d have to say no to the mud wrestling, but I bet Stephen would not mind it. Evie, on the other hand? πŸ˜€
    Doing a guest shot on Modern Family would be a better idea. Definitely. I bet Julie would write it and make it so that Stephen was an old flame of hers.

  • Mariana312

    I’m pretty sure the way I first found NFZ was by googling “Stephen Colbert sexy.” I was so young and naΓ―ve back then! πŸ˜‰

  • susan209

    The “Reply” button isn’t working!
    @Llama, I suppose if I were the object of HIS desire, it wouldn’t matter how many thousands of women looked his way! And I suspect Evie is just that. They are both lucky to have each other. Now what’s with all this mud wrestling? πŸ˜‰

  • Victoria

    Sexy, handsome, cute, adorable…how about all of the above…and then some… πŸ˜‰

  • Erika

    He’s definitely my new hall pass! It used to be Jon Bon Jovi for the longest time (haha). I guess I’ve always been into older guys. Stephen really is just something special all around, almost indescribable. I’m sure Evie feels mighty lucky, but at the same time, she’s seen him at his least possible sexy, as any married woman (or man) can relate to, so there are probably moments where she finds it kind of funny when she sees droves of woman (of all ages) fangirl over him. Not to mention all the men who have guy-crushes on him, straight or gay! :) Anyway…… man is he sexy! πŸ˜‰

  • CN Helper

    AllI can say that Julie Bowen is welcome to come on over and become a full fledged Hubster any day. It’s a very short swearing-in ceremony.

  • susan209

    The “Reply” button is still not working!

    @Erika: re “I guess I’ve always been into older guys…”
    I know where you’re coming from, but as one who considers him a slightly younger guy, I’d say that Stephen’s humor, brilliance, confidence and mastery, along with that SMILE of his, make for an ageless kind of sexy cocktail!

  • karenatasha

    It could get awkward if Bowen meets Stephen and Evie on the red carpet or a Hollywood event!

    On the question of handsome vs. sexy: actually I think “sexy” lasts longer than “handsome.” The latter is purely about looks, IMHO, while sexy is more about a person’s appeal–that quality that makes someone desirable. I’ve know very, very beautiful people who just didn’t seem sexy at all.

    About the “reply” button: the bottom one in the message is still not working, but you can click on the one at the top, where it says reply/quote. That one functions!

  • karenatasha

    And will this at least assure that our beautiful Mr. Colbert will at least make an appearance in this year’s “Sexiest Man” issue of PEOPLE? (I’m afraid the cover is too much to hope for. It’ll probably be a boring movie star as usual. Yawn. Except for Clooney, who’s never boring.)

  • susan209

    Look! I’m replying! Thanks, Karenatasha for the help!
    And I agree with you about the “sexy” thing. The converse is also true IMHO. Some not-typically
    gorgeous people, or even “average” looking people, can be very, very sexy. As has been often said, our biggest sex organ is between our ears.
    Which isn’t as painful as it sounds. πŸ˜‰