Jon Stewart in Conversation with Stephen Colbert.

Jon Stewart in Conversation with Stephen Colbert The Montclair Film Festival has announced Jon Stewart in Conversation with Stephen Colbert at The Wellmont Theater on Friday, December 7, which will allow you to sit in on a conversation between Jon and Stephen while they talk politics, share anecdotes and show clips from ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’.

The one night only, rare, live performance is a fundraiser for Montclair Film Festival. Last year, Stephen Colbert stepped out of character for an interview in front of a sold out theater to help MFF raise money for its inaugural festival. With the success of the festival, MFF is gearing up for a bigger and better festival this May and offering this bigger and better fundrasier.

Tickets will go on sale beginning this Friday, October 26 at noon. General tickets, which range from $50 – $175, can be purchased through the Wellmont Theater. VIP tickets for $250 will be available directly through the Montclair Film Festival.

  • anais0509


  • Mel

    I obviously live on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Maybe I should have my own fundraiser in order to attend this fundraiser.

  • Zoe

    Oh man, do I want to go to that.

  • applepies

    I’ll pay someone good money to wear a wire into that thing! I know last year’s was good, but as far as I know no recordings ever surfaced other than the short clip of Stephen singing. 🙁

  • CN Helper

    @anais0509 Make sure you go, young lady!

  • CN Helper

    This is where the word “epic” soundly applies. Looking forward to many Hubsters, and corresponding reporTs.

  • lockhart43

    Oh my dear Lord. Every Hubster in the greater New England area better be going to this so I can read as many reporTs as possible and relish in the wonderfulness. I’m counting on all of you. Don’t let me down! 😛

  • Katt

    I think it’s time we revolutionised the fangirling, and set up a Hubster Hostel in New York for fangirls in need of a quick and easy place to stay for special events such as this.

  • karenatasha


    Lockhart, why “greater New England area”? I’d expect everyone from the NYC/Philly area. (Montclair is closer to Philly than, say, anyplace in southern CT.)

    The big thing will be obtaining the tickets.

  • karenatasha

    And of course, the New Jersey area! Sigh. Edit function, edit function. 🙁

  • karenatasha


    There are times I will be able to welcome and house (couch) a fangirl or two, just not at the moment, I’m afraid. 🙁

    One option for the Montclair events would be to find something there, which should be way cheaper than something in the city. (And easier.)

  • anais0509

    @CNHelper Oh, I intend to!!!

  • anais0509

    Does anyone know what the $250 VIP tix entail? I wish they would give more info on the website.

  • lockhart43

    @karenatasha – I should have said “The entire Northeast coast and most of Pennsylvania.” And having been to the event in Red Bank, I should have known that that area was a stone’s throw from Philly. 🙂

    Regardless, I want as many people to go as possible. Buy that early Christmas present for yourself, folks, and support a great cause in the process!

  • bleu

    this is too amazing for words!!!! Why must I live on the other side of the world!!!

  • Victoria

    I got a ticket! Yes! This is going to be great!

  • anais0509

    Who’s got a ticket? *points to myself* This girl right here (and her parents too)!!!

  • karenatasha

    I do too–and somuch2kno does, and so does Victoria!

  • karenatasha

    Whoops–I see Victoria posted herself!

    I did not get the $250 ticket and do not know what the “VIP” status gives you. It would indeed have helped had they said. Last year, there was the cocktail party. My seats are pretty great without that, so I’m very, very happy.

  • anais0509


    Yeah, I was wondering about the VIP tix too. Why didn’t they give out more info about them beforehand? So far I only know that they’re premiere center orchestra seats, which just means that they’re just very good seats. Last year they were $500 and were called ‘premium tickets’. To go from $500 to $250 and just call them VIP signifies (to me anyway) that a perk like last year’s cocktail party probably isn’t in the cards this time. I’m really happy with the tix that my parents and I have, but I’m still a little bit sad because this time I was ready to splurge if something like the cocktail party happened again, to treat myself to an extra-special experience.

  • karenatasha

    Well, I’ll live without premiere center, as I’m just off the aisle on the sides by 2 or 3 seats. And I expect they’ll be sitting center and quite visible. The one thing is that if Stephen is sitting on my side of the stage, and he’s turned toward John, I’ll get less of a full-face view. That’s a pit, if so, but again, I’m hardly in a position to complain. I’m very grateful.

    My feeling is that the kind of meet-and-greet Stephen did last year is not the kind of thing Jon would enjoy doing. So it’s off the table. I suppose I could have contacted the Montclair Film Society in advance and asked exactly what the $250 gave you. But I wasn’t really prepared to spend that much.

  • W&M_NU

    I’ll be there too! My family is from Jersey so it will be great to see Stephen, visit with my family, and support New Jersey arts all at the same time.

  • karenatasha

    Last year, when Stephen had his chat with Jonathan Alter, many of us fangirls got together afterwards at a lovely old-fashioned style ice cream parlor in Montclair. (One of the few things that remained open that late.) Perhaps there should be another get-together this year, if it can be managed. In my case, somuch2know is driving, and so I am at her disposal, depending on her schedule. But we should keep in contact. I’ve already met quite a few Hubsters (and former Zoners), and without fail I have enjoyed their company.

  • somuch2kno

    Just jumping in to give my undying thanks to Karenatasha for snagging a ticket for me. And, being the good-hang junky that I am, I am ever prepared to travel and stay out late. (I rarely turn down ice cream.) I think it was Holsten’s we went to last time. We closed the place, but I think it’s open until 11:30p. At the moment I’m going to avoid elaborating on just how over the moon I am about this event, since it seems to make me babble and ramble and gush and prattle and… well, you get the idea. I’ll just leave it at, “WEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

  • Gratefull

    I am very happy for everyone going … I am, I really am … *spit spit spit jealous jealous jealous* … oh, how I wish they would record this and put it on youtube or something … *headdesk*

  • Katt


    It would be fantastic if they could live stream events like this. I wouldn’t even mind paying a small fee as with ‘The Rumble’.