Stephen Colbert on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’.

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  1. YAY! I know it’s going to be a tough week for Stephen, especially today, the big launch. However, this is an exciting day. I woke up realizing that I have four, yes, FOUR new things to watch as of right now. I just found the Oprah interview online, the appearance on Late Show last night, GMA, which is about to start as of this writing and……one more……OH YEAH, The Colbert Report from last night. ;-) Thank You Stephen, hope you don’t have to work TOO hard this week. Get rest!

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  2. @llama
    It’s definitely a Very Merry Colbert kind of week isn’t it? I’ve already been so consumed with Stephen that I’ve started talking like his character more than I’d like to admit. I’ll randomly end sentences with “You’re Welcome” out of nowhere for one thing.

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  3. I really enjoyed the first 1/2 of the interview about the rock climbing (though I don’t want Stephen to be doing high-risk activities! I get too worried) and was thinking, wow, Letterman is actually staying on topic and asking interesting questions. Then the last 1/2 of the interview was basically Letterman asking how Stephen’s interview went with another person (Oprah). I understand it’s a huge deal but it just seems like Letterman was jealous and wanted to know every single detail. Instead of talking about Stephen’s book, perhaps. I mean, really, can we get Louis C.K. to replace Dave in real life? I vote yes.

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  4. It’s a good thing Stephen doesn’t inform his fangirls before he undertakes dangerous activities– I remember how nervous some people were during his last sailing expedition! It’s so sweet that he does these things for his kids, though.

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  5. I really enjoyed the interview. The first 1/2 was really interesting about Stephen and his boys rock climbing, he really is very active from racing in the Charleston Boat Race a couple of summers ago to rock climbing. The other 1/2 of the interview was funny when Stephen was talking about Oprah’s gifts.

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  6. I loved this interview! What most pleased me about it was the way Dave just enjoyed Stephen. Having at one time watched Letterman as obsessively as I now do TCR, I know that Dave only relaxes and “enjoys” certain guests that he believes are elite, and that he can trusts to turn over his show too. The fact that Dave did that with Stephen (Even referring to him as “My friend” at the end of the interview) just made me deliriously happy.

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  7. This interview was great, as all of Stephen’s interviews on Letterman are. I don’t know what it is, they just have a nice, friendly rapport and Stephen always seems to enjoy himself and he’s always making the audience laugh. The best part was when he talked about mountain climbing and he showed his son Peter’s impression of him when he was watching them climb, I adored that.

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  8. I think if you look at the first time he was on in 2005 going on, they just get more and more comfortable. I was kind of thinking of Chris Farley, and how Letterman just loved him so much, and every time Chris was on the show Letterman would just kind of light up and it was great fun. In terms of bigness of heart and being wildly funny, Stephen is reminiscent of Chris to me. I mean, David likes quirky people, that’s why Amy is always so great on his show as well.

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  9. I love hearing tales of Stephen’s adventures. Evey time I look outside my window and see the Blue Mt. of in the distance I can’t help but envisage poor Stephen hanging by a rope as he clings to the side of a mountain.

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