Stephen Colbert Guest Co-Hosts ‘Good Morning America’

The full show is available to watch on Hulu amd ABC News for those in the U.S.

For those not in the U.S, I hope to have the video of Stephen’s appearances posted by the end of the week. So please stay tuned.

Until then, enjoy this brief clip of Stephen interviewing Jenny McCarthy.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Erika

    Mrs. Colbert the 2nd!!!! (the gal his arm was around, not kidding!)

    Stephen was hilarious as usual, but I think he wasn’t very prepared for what he was supposed to do. He seemed caught off his game just slightly at first, but settled in towards the end. The look on his face after the bra section was worth everything I had to go through to watch that stupid show. Also, singing Stephen is always wonderful and the cooking segment was rushed but fun (they always have cooking segments with all these things ready to go but no time to do them!) But yeah, best of all was seeing my online pal be hugged by her favorite guy in the world, who she flew all the way from England to see. BAM!

  • Mariana312

    Ooh I was wondering who that was! I’m glad it was someone we “know”! Stephen certainly wasn’t hiding his opinion of the absolute nonsense on GMA, was he? He deserves better material! Now I’m really looking forward to Kenny Rogers being on the Report tomorrow night– he had such a great rapport with Stephen, even during the brief exchange they had on the air.

  • applepies

    I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to beat Jenny McCarthy with a wet hose. She’s personally distasteful to me. So, as pleasant as Stephen always is to watch, I was tempted to just put my hand up and block her part out, haha.

  • Ammie2384

    The top video has already been taken down. But how lucky can Mrs. Colbert 2nd be. I am so glad she was able to make it to GMA and to get that close to Stephen.

    That Jenny McCarthy interview I knew was going to be the lowest point for me. For some reason or other I just can’t find anything to like about her. So I wasn’t really expecting anything great from that.

  • dentry

    That is so great that Mrs. C. got to pose for a picture with Stephen at the GMA studio’s. From the little bits that I seen before I went to work he was just hilarious. But, I agree with Erika, he seemed a little off his game at the beginning. I taped it, so I have to finish watching it tonight.

  • llama

    Not that I don’t appreciate the clips posted on here, but does anyone know if the full ep is online? The clips just don’t do it, they get cut down…I need every second of Stephen I can get!
    I agree, in the beginning he looked like he didn’t know what to do, but I also think maybe they didn’t give him enough to do. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet.

  • whatsername
  • Mariana312

    Here’s the whole thing on Hulu:

  • Katt


    The full episode is available on Hulu, but for those outside the U.S. the video for the full show will be arriving in my inbox shortly. I will post it as soon as I can.

  • Katt

    Urgh, I cannot stomach Jenny McCarthy. What Jim Carey saw in her I will never know!

    I was concerned that Stephen would burn out with his uber busy Tuesday schedule, but I see he solved that with ‘Oreo – Ho’s’ and Soda for breakfast.

    Looking forward to watching the rest of the show. Did anyone else notice the rainbow coloured wrist band he was wearing?

  • Victoria

    @Katt: Yes! He definitely had a busy day yesterday! Plus, it looks like Anderson Live does not tape on Fridays, so after he finished GMA, Stephen had to go tape his Anderson Live appearance. Then do TCR. Then do the book signing! Even at the book signing, which started after 8:30pm because the show taping ran late, he was energetic and delightful. Wow! He is truly the consummate professional.

    The bracelets: they are for Robin Roberts, showing support for her battle with MDS.

  • CN Helper

    This was seriously so hilarious. I loved every minute of his appearance on GMA. It was great to see him out of his depths, injecting some life into the staid program. Also teasing Emeril at the end while pummeling the pumpkin dough with his “Bam!”s and what not.

    Jenny McCarthy went to my all-girls, Catholic high school –I graduated some years after her. Needless to say, she doesn’t do the nuns who taught us very proud. However, when I heard about her book, the first person I though of was Stephen, and how he would love to question the subject matter. And, eventually, he did. To Jenny’s surprise, she totally got “TCR’d.”