Preview: Stephen Colbert on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’.

Stephen discusses being a waiter, calling Jon about the White House Correspondent’s dinner, and more:

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YouTube Preview Image

Creating “Stephen Colbert”:

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And of course:

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Oprah’s Next Chapter with Stephen Colbert airs Sunday, September 30th at 9pm on OWN.

  • Erika

    I’m almost falling off my chair from all the adorableness. That is all. :)

  • K. Wren

    Ack! I don’t have cable TV! How can I get to watch this whole episode?!?

  • Mrc

    Thanks for the preview. Can’t wait to see the episode.

    Proxy since the video is blocked outside the US:

  • lockhart43

    Ohhh goodness, I’m going to so enjoy this tomorrow! These previews were great! :)

  • CN Helper

    Oh my God, adorable – but the Bill O’Reilly question, really?

  • llama

    I am really really hoping for the whole thing to turn up online, because as I found out today, I do not have OWN. Can’t believe I am disappointed that I don’t have the OWN network but that’s what Stephen does to me.

  • Sophie

    There are really no words in the English language to describe how charming this man is. He just never fails to put a big ol’ smile on my face, his wife is a lucky lady.

  • Ammie2384

    Wonderful previews. I only wish I didn’t have to work tonight. Hopefully this ends up on the internet or it gets rebroadcasted on some other time and day besides Sunday’s.

  • dentry

    I’m so looking forward to watching this tonight. I think it’s going to be a really great interview.

    @ Llama, you should be able to watch the interview online at They have her other interview’s up that she has done already.

    @ Ammie2384, they sometimes re-air the episode on Tuesday nights at 7pm CST, so check Tuesday nights schedule.

  • karenatasha

    In NYC the show immediately re-airs at midnight, just in case there’s anyone who can’t make the 9 PM viewing. I think there may be other repeats.

  • lockhart43

    I noticed tonight that they also had recently aired episodes on after the one with Stephen, so I’d imagine if someone can’t watch it at all this week, that it will air again next Sunday after the next new episode.

    I really hope those who weren’t able to see it tonight are able to watch it – it was absolutely wonderful.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    So I saw Stephen with Oprah and I enjoyed the interview. It was a kind of standard interview for us die-hard Colbert fans. But Stephen was so out-of-his-mind delighted to be there talking to Oprah so that made it worthwhile. The one thing that puzzled me in the interview, was when Oprah said the “critics” of the show say that TCR makes it’s “young” fans “cynical.” See, I think Stephen and TCR has the exact opposite effect on its fans. Young and “old.” Stephen and TCR pushes fans to be more open and board minded. Stephen and TCR is about thinking critically not cynically.

    Anyway. A fun interview.

  • Erika

    @Mr. Arkadin

    I think what she was mostly getting at, were the somewhat recent finger-wagging for his Super PAC involvements. Who was it? I can’t remember, who said something to that effect, that satirizing the system in such an involved way (playing the game and showing us the rules, or lack of rules as the case may be) makes a mockery of the system and “might” make TCR viewers cynical of the process.

  • Tam

    thanks @Dentry – I watched all the OWN videos, Evie is adorable. I loved these glimpses of chapters of his life. Does anyone know if the entire episode will be available at some point?

  • dentry

    Your Welcome @ Tam.

    I really enjoyed the interview. There wasn’t nothing said that I didn’t already know, but I enjoyed seeing Stephen out of character and watching him and Evie together. They are absolutely an adorable couple.