Save the Date: Stephen Colbert on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’.

Stephen Colbert appearancesAs per TV Guide, the date has been moved to Sunday, September 30 on OWN (9 – 10PM ET/PT)

Oprah travels to Charleston, South Carolina to meet the hilarious Stephen Colbert. He discusses his private life, his beloved TV alter ego and his friendship with Jon Stewart. He also opens up about losing his father and two brothers in a tragic plane crash.

Source: TV by the Numbers.

(Thanks to Mrc for the Tip and dentry for the update!)

  • Katt

    Does anyone know if/where you can watch this online?

    Hopefully a Hubster somewhere out there knows how to TiVo something and upload it.

    • Anna S

      Oh man, I SO HOPE there will be a way for people outside the States to view this…

      • Katt

        @Anna S

        I will definitely have a look into it. Aside from Jon, this is the one and only other Oprah interview I actually want to watch.

        She better not stuff this up, I have high hopes for this interview!! Some original questions would be most appreciated. If she goes the Barbara Walters ‘let me make you cry’ route, I will be so annoyed.

        • Anna S

          I couldn’t see anything hopeful on the OWN website, apart from the possibility of a short clip being posted after the event. I will stay tuned to CNH!

          I think it will be a good one. I know Oprah is, well, OPRAH – but I think Stephen’s charm will be an equal match for her. Especially on the home ground of the McGee family’s verandah!

  • Caroline

    This preview – and Oprah’s recent “Next Chapter” interview with Rihanna (where the singer was in tears for much of the time) – makes me worry a little. I hope Oprah’s goal wasn’t to make Stephen cry. Oh well, here’s wishing I’m proven wrong.

  • CN Helper

    As hard as it for me to watch Oprah, I shall do so for Stephen. My guess is he will be adorable.

  • dentry

    I’m so looking forward to seeing this interview. I really think it will be a great interview.

  • lockhart43

    This is going to be wonderful, I can’t wait! Really, I can’t wait. Air it now, OWN! 😛

  • Erika

    As I was clicking on my CNH bookmark, I thought to myself “I hope there’s news on when the Oprah interview will air.” Not too bad of a wait! I’m actually probably most excited to hear him talk about Jon. I know he has a ton before, the best being his interview with DB for No Fact Zone, but it’s always so great to hear/read.

  • applepies

    I hope this video is put online for us cable-free fans!

  • Gratefull

    I hear that the interview is with the real STC but don’t you think, he just might cry because that would be the silly STC/Noblett thing to do? If he does it on his own terms as a great improv response to something silly Oprah says, well, it isn’t a competition but he is always winning!

    Please keep us posted to where to go and view online … thanks!!!!!!!!

    • Katt


      Snippets are posted on the OWN YouTube Channel.

      Hopefully the full clip will pop up online somewhere!!

  • somuch2kno

    Uhhhh…. hate to say this, but my cable guide for next Sunday says the guest is Bette Midler, not SC. And I can’t find any other info on has him rescheduled to Sept. 30th.

    • CN Helper

      Maybe that’ll be better for the big book launch?

    • Erika

      Oh no! You’ve got me worried! When I DVR’d it yesterday it didn’t have a guest listed so now I think you might be right. Oh please let Stephen be this week! I’ve had a bad one and whenever I feel like I’m not going to get through it I think about the interview on Sunday…..

  • Ivy

    I watched Oprahs interview with Jo Rowling recently on youtube. So there’s a chance that we’ll find Stephens somewhere.