Save the Date: ‘An Evening with Stephen Colbert’ at 92Y.

Stephen Colbert appearances

In celebration of the launch of Stephen Colbert’s ‘America Again: Re-Becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t’, join the #1 New York Times best selling author and acclaimed talk show host as he explains why America is perfect and how we can fix it.

** Book signing to follow.

Date: Tue, Oct 19, 2012, 8PM
Venue: Kaufmann Concert Hall
Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd St
Tickets: from $29.00 [Link Expired]

(Thanks to Magdalena for the Tip!)

  • Victoria

    Yes! I am definitely attending this! I have classes Monday and Thursday evenings, but on Tuesday, my class is in the afternoon! Perfect timing! Thank you for the information!

  • susan209

    The tickets are available now! I just grabbed mine online and hope to see many fangirls and fanguys there! Looking forward to it. Thanks so much Magdalena & Katt for the tip.

  • Ivy

    Brilliant book title *LOL*

  • grace

    Tickets purchased!!

  • CN Helper

    I can’t wait to hear how we are going to re-become what we never were!!

  • Karenatasha

    Got my tickets! Going with SoMuch2Kno! And can’t wait. I was hoping he’d do this.

  • CN Helper

    Hmmm….everybody has to think of some good questions to ask.

  • lockhart43

    It’s so great to see all of the Hubsters that will be attending this! I will be living vicariously through all of you, so each one of you had better have the best time ever ;).

    Also, it’s crazy to think that this book is coming out next month already! It seems like yesterday that I was just hearing about it. Can’t wait for it! I’m really looking forward to the inevitable audio book as well.

  • Liz

    Anyone have an extra ticket for sale? I’m offering $100 (don’t know how much they cost but I’m assuming less than that) please take pity on me- I live in California & going all the way to NY for Stephen! Any help will be greatly appreciated! :)

  • CN Helper

    @ Liz I hope you can find a ticket, but these things do tend to be sold out well in advance. I hope you will not be disappointed if you cannot find an available ticket! Best of luck!

  • Victoria

    @Liz…coincidentally, I went onto the 92Y site today and it said if you wanted to purchase tickets, to call the number or visit the box office. Now, when I checked weeks ago, it was already sold out, but you could add your name to a waiting list. But today, they revised the information. I already have a ticket, but my friend wanted to go and I was going to see if I could add her name to the list (long shot, yes, but worth a try). So, I ended up calling the number today and yes, it is sold out! And it has been for a long time now. She wasn’t even sure why they had it listed as “call the box office.” I told her the ticket was for a friend, so she told me to tell her to try the box office the day of show. Sometimes, a last minute ticket will become available. I know it’s difficult for you because you are coming from California, but if you can’t get one any other way, at least this is maybe an option. I hope it works out for you.

  • Liz

    thanks for the support! i joined the “waiting list” a few weeks ago (soon as i read this post). i will probably go this day & wait around with some cash & see what happens. i just wanted to post here incase somebody happens to have one, or knows somebody who has one. i leave tomorrow for 2 weeks- the whole trip is mostly just to see Stephen & Paul & Jon (Night of Too Many Stars ticket, TCR ticket, TDS ticket & a ticket for Paul’s show @ UCB :) so 92y would just make it that much better!

  • Katt


    Oh wow Liz that is going to be one amazing trip!! I hope you have a fantastic time, and don’t forget to send us in some taping reports!!

  • Kevin Piastra

    i’m among many of the biggest die-hard Colb-fans, so I’m attending tomorrow. Got the tickets from my aunt for my birthday. She said they are REALLY great seats.

    As a stand-up comic and amateur youtube comedian, Colbert has always been a huge inspiration and influence. His sense of humor always seemed so on par with the style of me and an old friend of mine.

    I’m (w)racking my brain(s) to think of good questions.

  • Kevin Piastra

    here’s the latest in Piastra newb fangirl behavior, like a laid back version of tweens with “Bieber Fever”. This is Colbert Cancer

  • Liz

    To anyone who remembered my posts & was wondering: I MADE IT IN! set an alert for any on stubhub & one came up. AA 12 (Front row balcony) oddly enough it ended up costing the same $100 I offered- lol! But totally worth it. Stephen is priceless! also another trip bonus: I saw Stephen this morning at the library! & got a picture with him too! <3

  • CN Helper

    @Liz That’s terrific. You’ve had good karma on your trip!