Save the Date: ‘Company’ DVD Release.

Company DVD release november 2012

  • Title: Company (Stephen Sondheim)
  • Studio: Image Entertainment
  • Run Time: 145 minutes
  • Special Features: N/A
  • Release Date: 13th November, 2012

9 thoughts on “Save the Date: ‘Company’ DVD Release.

  1. Yay! I was starting to wonder if this was going to happen. I was lucky enough to see Company live and I highly recommend it to everyone.

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  2. WHEN? WHEN? WHEN????
    oh, I see it now.

    I saw the headline and I was so excited I forgot to read. :-) Looking forward to November!

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  3. Australian Hubsters, I contacted Ezy DVD and were unable to find any information regarding a possible Australian release date. I imagine it will be a long wait, that’s if it is ever released in our region.

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