Better Know a Guest: June 18th – 21st

Greetings, Hubsters!

The Colbert Report Guest Line UpIt’s been a busy weekend, so I’m keeping it short this time. But I can definitely say that I think Stephen has truly been delivering the goods in the past few weeks, and I am really looking forward to the upcoming shows. Sometimes I’m almost scared when the episodes are so consistently brilliant. How can he keep it up, I wonder? Is it possible to maintain such a heavenly high level, day after day, week after week? I certainly hope so, and a tip, tip, tip of the hat to the entire Colbert Report staff for what they do.

Meanwhile, I hope Stephen had a very special Father’s Day with his family.

Now, on to the guests. The week begins with economics and ends with theoretical physics. How’s that for a smart show?


Monday, June 18th: Paul Krugman

Paul KrugmanEconomics, anyone? Nobel Prize-winner and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is the go-to man on the topic. (Especially if you’re a liberal.)  And in these trying times, he’s one of the most persistent and intelligent writers on how we might go about solving our financial problems. In fact, that’s the subject of his new book, End This Depression Now! On his own website, he refers to it as a “call to arms” in which he explains that, in fact, we do have the power to make things better if we are only willing to act.

Krugman is a professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton as well as the Centenary Professor at the internationally renowned London School of Economics. In addition to his Nobel (bestowed in 2008 for his work in elucidating the patterns of international trade), he received the Asturias Award from the King of Spain. Prior to joining the Times, he wrote for several publications, including Fortune, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, and Newsweek. He has published more than 20 books, among them The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008, which became a New York Times bestseller.

This is definitely a visit I am looking forward to. Krugman can explain complex economic theories as beautifully and clearly as anyone, so his appearances are a treat. Now, if we could only get President Obama to LISTEN to him.

He’s a friend! This is Krugman’s fourth visit to The Colbert Report. He appeared in 2011, and before that in 2009, and previous to THAT in 2006. Plus, Stephen did a little sequence on his winning the Nobel. (It’s Papa’s Bear’s, I tell you, Papa Bear’s!)

Visit his website.

Read a recent New York Times column on education in which he takes aim at Mitt Romney. Or go to his NYT page, where you can choose from a number of the most recent articles.

Follow him on Twitter.

Here’s his Princeton web page. Not too much yet, but some links.

The New York Times reviewed End This Depression Now!

Read Krugman’s blog.

Hear him on Charlie Rose.

Read an article on him in the New Yorker magazine.


Tuesday, June 19th: Olivia Wilde

Olivia WildeWhen I first heard that Olivia Wilde was Tuesday’s guest, I thought—oh, that pretty actress. I wasn’t really too excited about her appearance. Now, after reading about her, I have to say she seems like a pretty SMART actress, and my interest in piqued. Stunning model and actress Wilde has a new film out—People Like Us, directed by Alex Kurtzman and co-starring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, and Michelle Pfeiffer. It’s based on a  true story about a man who, after his father’s death, has to deliver a $150,000 legacy to a sister he never knew existed. (You Can watch the trailer + clips here.) Wilde’s acting breakthrough was in the TV show, The O.C. and she became a regular on…HOUSE!  (Gee, I wish she’d visited TCR before that show ended. Maybe she could have brokered an appearance by Stephen on the show or a that much-longed for visit by Hugh Laurie.)

Wilde has one of the most interesting families I’ve ever read about. Her parents, Leslie and Andrew Myles Cockburn, were a 60 Minutes producer and journalist respectively, and her sister’s a civil rights lawyer. Aunts and uncles appear to all have a hand in journalism and writing. Her ancestors include a colonial governor from the days of British imperialism, a well-known abolitionist, and literary and religious figures. (You can get more detail on her Wikipedia page.) Wilde has joint US/Irish citizenship, and studied acting in Dublin.

Wilde’s other films include Cowboys and Aliens, TRON: Legacy, and The Change-Up. She has two more films set for release this year and now in post-production, The Longest Week and Red Dog, Black Dog. Other movies are in pre-production and still more are filming now. See her IMDB page for the long list. At the moment, she’s one very busy actress!

Oh, and… she beat Stephen, because at one point she was the #1 on Maxim’s list of sexy women.

Follow her on Twitter. Many of her tweets are politically oriented.

Like her on Facebook.

Another upcoming film is Deadfall. Here’s the poster and a little bit of advance info.

Wilde has done several videos for Will Ferrell’s “Funny or Die” website. Watch one!

Visit her site, Wilde Things. She has a whole section devoted to her veganism, as well as to her thoughts, projects, press, and charitable projects, including Doctors without Borders. (Now, if she’d called it “Where the Wilde Things Are,” Stephen could have chatted with her about Maurice Sendak!)

Read about her Allure magazine cover shoot.

Find out five things you probably never knew about her, from People magazine. (It’s a bit out of date. She’s no longer married to her actual-prince husband and is now dating Jason Sudeikis.)

Her journalistic genes came in handy when she wrote an article on Haiti in the Huffington Post.


Wednesday, June 20th: Daniel Klaidman

Daniel KlaidmanA few weeks ago, Colbert’s Word was “Two Birds with One Drone,” a look at Obama’s policy of using drones to take out terrorists—despite the collateral damage. Some of the people who voted for him probably neither predicted nor like that he has taken this route, or that Guantanamo, which he promised to close, is still in business. Newsweek special correspondent Daniel Klaidman’s examines just this policy—hawk vs. Dove–in the Obama administration. His new book, Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency, goes behind the scenes and closely examine the President’s policies. In addition to interviewing a plethora of people, Klaidman delves into the moral issues of Obama’s choices and contrasts the candidate’s words with the president’s actions.

Klaidman was the managing editor of Newweek, and formerly served as its Washington Bureau Chief as well as a Mideast investigative reporter. He left the magazine after it went through some turmoil, but then returned in 2011 as a special correspondent.

Read an excerpt from Kill or Capture in the Daily Beast.

Watch him discuss the issues and break down the policy on Current TV.

Follow him on Twitter.

The Washington Post reviewed the book.

Has Klaidman promoted the use of drones?

He recently appeared on PBS’s NewsHour.

Klaidman also visited the Brian Lehrer Show.


Thursday, June 21st: Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence KraussIt’s science day at the ReporT—because there must be at least one each week, yes? Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss’s has a new book, A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing, that he’ll discuss with Stephen. That seems like a nice, big subject: explaining basically EVERYTHING, from where we began to where we might end. What else is left? Richard Dawkins has written the afterword, and the book has already become a New York Times bestseller.

Krauss, who received his PhD from MIT, and previously taught at Yale and Case-Western Universities, now directs the Origins project at Arizona State University. Since he’s written an article on why God and science don’t mix, it’ll be interesting to see how he and Stephen mix, since Mr. Colbert doesn’t seem to have a problem reconciling the two. Krauss has written a number of books, including Quantum Man, a biography of Richard Feynman; Hiding in the Mirror, which delves into Plato’s allegory about the cave (one I know especially well, since it is a constant in film theory); and Atom: A Single Atom’s Journey from Big Bang to Life on Earth…and Beyond.

Read the rather snarky review in the New York Times by David Albert, who is a philosopher of physics. (Yes, he has his own PhD in theoretical physics, but also works in the philosophical arena.) Apparently, this commentary caused a big bang of its own, igniting a critical firestorm. This wonderful post on the 3quarksdaily blog addresses the controversy with great clarity.

Visit his website.

Listen to a talk he gave on the subject a few years ago, which provided the basis for this book.

He spoke on NPR.

Read an excerpt from his book in Scientific American.

And yet more on the controversy from the Atlantic. (Who knew that Miley Cyrus would tweet a statement from a theoretical physicist?

Follow him on Twitter.


And now, let’s check in with our good friend Jon Stewart!

We’re not doing too much checking this week, I’m afraid. Here’s a basic list of his guests, with only a link or two. Do visit The Daily Show Guest Page to learn more.


Monday, 6/18: Parmy Olson

Forbes’ journalist Parmy Olson has a new book out on cyberhacking: We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency.

Follow her on  Twitter.

Read her Forbes articles.


Tuesday, 6/19: Marco Rubio

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is one the Republicans’ hot prospects. They’d love him to accept a VP nomination from Romney (Florida being such a crucial state), but he supposedly won’t. Rubio has authored a memoir, An American Son.

Visit his Senate website.

Follow him on Twitter.


Wednesday, 6/20: Denis Leary

Oh, be still my beating heart! I’m a Leary fan, especially of his amazing Rescue Me. And when he’s with Jon…oh, nothing could be funnier than these two old friends getting together. Except Stephen, of course! But truly, Leary is one of my favorite guests and I’m expecting sidesplitting hysteria. He’s ostensibly here, by the way, to push The Amazing Spider-Man. But I’m sure they’ll go on to many another topic.

How funny are Jon and Denis? Watch this! Or this, from earlier the same year. Then you can go over the The Daily Show‘s guest page and see ALL his clips.

Follow him on Twitter. I do!

Buy his book, Why We Suck.


Thursday, 6/21: STEVE CARRELL!

Welcome summer and celebrate the end of the week in high style at the Carrell Corral! The only thing to make it more perfect would be if Stephen came on, too. Well, a girl can wish, can’t she? He’s here to publicize his new film, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Watch his last visit with Jon. And again, you can see more on the TDS guest page.

Then, watch him on the Report. And also from that episode… Time for another Stephven get together, methinks.

Follow him on Twitter.

Watch episodes of The Office.


That’s all! Let me know who you’re most looking forward to, and have a happy week!

  • CN Helper

    Krugman’s been all over the place lately; I particularly hearted his recent face-off with Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV, it was totes hilarious.

    I am looking forward to seeing Olivia Wilde, I really liked her in House. She does strike me as very intelligent, so should make for a good guest.

    Can’t Carell swing by TCR at the end of the week!?! Would love to see the Stephvens reunited once again. I just want to switch some of these names around…:)

    • karenatasha

      I know, CN! It would be fun if some of those TDS guests would visit Stephen from time to time! But I understand Carrell’s loyalty to Jon; he wouldn’t be where he is now without Jon’s transformation of The Daily Show. And I wonder what a Leary/Colbert meeting would be like? Though Leary/Stewart is so good.

      Loved Krugman tonight. He doesn’t get fazed by anything, does he?

      I have a feeling Wilde is going to be a bit of a fangirl, the way Regina Spektor was.

  • lockhart43

    I am very excited for Lawrence Krauss. Science and Stephen always go good together, and theoretical physics makes it all the better. The book title alone almost guarantees a great interview! And I always look forward to Paul Krugman.

    Denis Leary and Steve Carell on TDS in the same week? Yay! Seeking a Friend For The End of the World looks wonderful, and I can’t wait for that interview.

    • karenatasha

      I agree about Stephen and science, Lockhart. And this should be particularly interesting because there’s such an uproar about the book in the scientific community. I wonder what Neil DeGrasse Tyson thinks about it?

      And I agree about the TDS double-whammy. Jon’s going to have a hot end of week.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    “Now, if we could only get President Obama to LISTEN to him.”

    Sadly, that seems to be something Obama won’t change his position on. *Sighs*

    Nonetheless. I’m really looking forward to seeing Krugman on tonight. He and Stephen/”Stephen” are great together. BTW Karen. This is Krugman’s fifth visit. He was on the “Stephen is sick” episode of July 5, 2010. He did a mini-interview.

    Looks like a strong week. And you’re right. It is kind of scary how consistently brilliant they have been. I do kind of wonder how they can keep it up.

    • karenatasha

      I stand corrected, Mr. Arkadin! When I did a search on the site, I must have missed that. Hard to remember it all. Well, at least for me.

      And yes, Obama seems pretty unwilling to change his position on the economic tactics necessary to bolster the economy. I wish that weren’t so.

      Here’s hoping the staff all get their shots of B-12 so that they can at least have some chance of keeping this up. Wow. And tonight killed as well. Brilliant, brilliant.

      Oh, and… sorry I didn’t get round to responding to posts earlier, but I was out. At the ballet. Watching David Hallberg. It was great, save for the interruption when the police came searching for me. But I wore a hoodie, and they didn’t figure it out. 😉

      • Mr. Arkadin

        “I stand corrected, Mr. Arkadin! When I did a search on the site, I must have missed that. Hard to remember it all. Well, at least for me.”

        Yes. Well, your attention was diverted thinking up ways to outwit the police. Leave that poor man alone, stalker! 😉

        • karenatasha

          No, I will not stop stalking that man–if by stalking you mean watching his performances! He’s brilliant. And I want him back on TCR. I want another pas de Colbert/Hallberg.

  • Kris

    I have to say, I’m pretty excited for Krauss on Thursday. I always love when physicists come on the show and the fact that the title of his book is the question Stephen most likes to ask scientists of all kinds should make it a memorable interview.

    @Karenatasha- As we’ve learned from Stephen, stalking is just a form of love. “I’m right behind you now Hallberg, waiting, watching you plie.”

    • karenatasha

      Kris, I absolutely agree about Stephen and science guys–especially the physicists. And there’s something about Krauss and the controversy swirling around his book that convinces me he’s quite polemical. So that should be fun.

      “As we’ve learned from Stephen, stalking is just a form of love.” Ha! Every plie you take, every move you make….I’ll be watching you (from the standing room in the back of the Met).

      • Kris

        It’s a fantastic combo because not only do you get to learn about the most interesting, cutting-edge theories out there but Stephen also gets to/has to let his insane intelligence shine through the character, no matter how he tries to stick to his “I know nothing” stance. :)

        Thank you for re-songing me!! I enjoyed it greatly.

        • karenatasha

          You’re welcome! Have you seen the show yet? Stephen ended with a zinger…

          • Kris

            I did and as soon as it ended I texted that line, with a full set up, to my best friend. I must say, I have never before texted a Colbert quote to anyone but for some reason it seemed to warrant it^_^