Tickets to The Comedy Awards.

The Comedy Awards Tickets

Ticket Availability

  • 50 Seat Fillers - Seat Fillers to fill in the featured camera seats when the artists, celebrities and ticket holders are temporarily away from their seats
  • 250 Balcony Seats - we need 250 diehard comedy fans to sit in the 2nd balcony during the show


Everyone must be at least 21 years old and have a valid state/government issued ID or passport (with a visible date-of-birth) to attend a taping.


Our dress code is BLACK TIE/FORMAL. Please read carefully for guidance:

  • Women: Please wear a BLACK cocktail dress. Think classy. Please no short dresses that you would wear out to a club. Also, please stay away from Sequin dresses too.
  • Men: Black tuxedo if you have one. If not, please wear a Black Suit, white shirt and dark tie.
  • General Don’ts: NO hats or large logos. No sequins.

Personal Items

Please be aware that cameras, cell phones, PDAs, pagers, large bags, backpacks, food or drinks will NOT be allowed in the venue.


All Seat Fillers must pass through a security check, including a metal detector, before being seated. To expedite the process (and save time for everyone) please leave all over-sized bags and purses in your vehicle, if possible.


(Thanks to Grace for the Tip!)

8 thoughts on “Tickets to The Comedy Awards.

  1. I would LOVE to get seat filler tickets! For some reason I just thing that would be so fun to do….a life experience, “I was a seat filler at the Comedy Awards!” Anyway, there’s no way I could make it to New York so I can only dream.

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  2. I probable won’t be attending the comedy awards either I never traveled to New york so I’ll probable watch them on TV

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    • Same here. I am crossing my fingers that they air the uncensored version late at night a couple days after the premier, like they did last year.

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  3. I am just confused, I received a conformation e-mail, but usually there is a barcode & the e-mail didn’t have one. Is anyone else having this issue?

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    • You have to log into the 1iota site to confirm the ticket. Then you can print out a ticket with the bar code.

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  4. Well, my ticket request was denied due to all the tickets being sold out. This morning I saw that the Seat Fillers page wasn’t greyed over so I put in another request as fast as I could but again missed out. I’m probably going to keep trying at it, but most likely I’ll resign myself to just hearing reporTs, hearing the premature results, watching the broadcast on May 6th and trying to free tickets next year if I get enough notice ahead of time. It’s too bad though. I was really hoping for some luck.

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