Upcoming Guest Alert: Norwegian Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen on The Colbert Report

On April 24th, Magnus Carlsen will appear on the popular satirical TV show The Colbert Report. This was revealed today by the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG), who also report that Carlsen was asked by the famous film director J.J. Abrams to perform a role in Star Trek 2.

It was after Carlsen’s appearance in the prestigious 60 Minutes on American television screens that the request came. Abrams wanted Carlsen in his role as a future chess player in a scene in the movie which is expected in theaters in 2013. However, it didn’t come about because Carlsen couldn’t get a work permit for the United States on short enough notice. To VG, Carlsen said:

I was surprised by the inquiry; it was completely unexpected. It would have been a fun experience, so it’s a shame that it did not happen.

Source: ChessVibes.com

  • Katt

    This will be interesting. Do we know if Stephen is a chess fan? Could there be a chess off I wonder?