March 28, 2012 — Mark Ruffalo

The Colbert Report Episode GuideEPISODE NUMBER: 8076 (March 28, 2012)
GUESTS: Mark Ruffalo | Emily Bazelon
SEGMENTS: The Supreme Court Weighs In on Obamacare | The Supreme Court Weighs In on Obamacare – Emily Bazelon | A New Magazine for Conservative Teens
SUIT REPORT: Dark suit | White shirt | Black/grey stripped tie
VIDEOS: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hulk’s in the House tonight. Stay tuned for caps and quotes!!

Stephen Colbert on the death of Obama Care

  • lockhart43

    Well, that interview was everything I could have asked for and more. Ruffalo stood his ground against “Stephen” and this time the two of them yelling at each other was enjoyable. I especially appreciated that Ruffalo mentioned the complete barrage of ads in support of natural gas; if you’ve ever seen one, you’ll notice that they have no mention of hydrofracking and the one that’s often repeated is the one featuring young college students talking about how much sense it makes. I just saw the one they mentioned in the interview earlier today, actually. And it was great that Ruffalo explained why he became so vocal against fracking. After so many “important” people (Gov. Ridge, T. Boone Pickens) coming out and supporting fracking and denying any and all wrongdoing, I find it quite fitting that it’s an actor who is the one that actually makes sense.

    Nice photo shout-out to Barry Julien aka Kevin, Stephen’s racquetball buddy!

  • colbaby

    Damn. Mark Ruffalo nailed it. That’s how you do an interview right there. He got me so charged up I could punch a fracker in the face.

    • karenatasha

      I think that’s what happens with a great actor. He matched Stephen’s “character” by creating one of his own. Did you notice how their gestures began to sync up in performance? Over the course of the interview, they shared similar arm movements as well as vocal inflections. It worked wonderfully, I think.

  • Anna S

    Awesome, AWESOME interview with Mark Ruffalo! Loved his passion, matched by actual actions. And I really enjoyed Stephen’s exchange with the Slate law correspondent whose name I’ve forgotten. Great show!

    • karenatasha

      Her name was Emily Bazelon, Anna!

  • Fan Girl 40

    it seems like Mark Ruffalo was kindof frustrated he threw up his hand and was looking back at someone in the audience and stephen saying “Don’t Look At Her”

  • CN Helper

    I really thought the Crunchy nut product placement was hilarious. You can see Stephen is so so comfortable with it (sarcasm.) I would love to pick me up a Conservative Teen magazine, but I am in my thirties. I just want to be able to address others by saying “What’s up my gippa!”

    Mark Ruffalo reminds me of Paul Dinello for some reason: the salt & pepper hair, and Paul is pretty eco-conscious these days. I thought it was a great interview. I wish they all had that level of energy, but physicists aren’t really at all like actors. Well, viva la difference!

  • Caroline

    I also really liked the Mark Ruffalo interview. For anyone who is on Twitter, his tweets are usually very interesting. His account is: @mruff221 (Actually, you don’t even need a Twitter account to read the posts)

  • Caroline

    Oh, here is a funny photo Mark posted. Looks like he is backstage at TCR!/Mruff221/media/slideshow?

  • anais0509

    LOL! It was priceless watching Ruffalo and Stephen trying to out-yell and out-hand-flail each other. But it’s also always great to see a celebrity who’s genuinely passionate about a cause that’s very close to their heart; when Ruffalo started talking passionately and vehemently about the consequences of fracking near where he lived, Stephen did the right thing by dialing back “Stephen” and listening to him and letting him get his point across without any interruption. The Emily Bazelon interview was very entertaining too. They were both major it-getters, which made the episode all the more awesome!