Amy Sedaris Featured in “Care To Make Love In That Gross Little Space Between Cars?: A Believer Book of Advice”.

“Care To Make Love In That Gross Little Space Between Cars?” originated as a monthly humour/advice column in ‘The Believer Magazine’, created by Amy Sedaris and editor Eric Spitznagel, in which the column, known as “Sedaratives” is taken over by a different “advisor” each week, featuring a veritable who’s who of notable comedians and comedy writers, including Zach Galifianakis, Weird Al Yankovic, Louis C.K and Amy Sedaris, Allison Silverman, Dan Guterman, Kristen Schaal and Flat Points own Jerri Blank.

A Believer Book of Advice

Care To Make Love In That Gross Little Space Between Cars?: A Believer Book of Advice.

The Believer magazine presents a compendium of advice from producers, writers, and actors of The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, Late Show with David Letterman, The Hangover, and The Colbert Report, along with other musicians, cartoonists, New Yorker writers, and those similarly unqualified to offer guidance.

Here Amy Sedaris describes the perfect murder for unwanted hermit crabs—you will need a piece of meat and a brick. Simon Rich explains how to avoid being found dead in your underwear by firemen—buy some long johns. Zach Galifianakis provides insight into how he changed his name without a social security card—he just started calling himself Adam Zapple, and it stuck. Bob Saget finally illuminates what “friends with benefits” really means—a nonsexual relationship wherein your ex makes monetary deposits into your bank account.

“Advice columns aren’t exactly hard to come by. Advice columns managed by celebrities are a little tougher. But advice columns managed by comedians who may or may not have the slightest idea what they’re talking about? Now we’re getting somewhere. How about advice from a surlier-than-average Louis C.K., an enthusiastically verbose George Saunders, or a delightfully befuddled Fred Willard? Care To Make Love In That Gross Little Space Between Cars? is a collection of some of the best responses from The Believer magazine’s advice column. Guest-managed by some of the sharpest stand-up comics and writers working today . . . it is jam-packed with silliness, sarcasm, and wit. . . . The overall effect is a lot of chuckling and some well-deserved laugh-out-loud moments. . . . A perfect flip-through book for the comedians you know and love, and a solid introduction for those you don’t.” — Glenn Dallas, San Francisco Book Review

If there’s anyone you can trust for sage counsel, it’s celebrities of every sort. Actors, comedians, writers and musicians, have all the answers for the problems of life you didn’t even know you were worried about. . . . Oh, wait, were you wanting real advice? You’ll find none of that here, but you will get a criminal amount of laughter.” — Andy Bockelman, GALO Magazine

Amy Sedaris, who contributes twice – once under her own signature, and once as Jerri Blank the unforgettable drug-addled, middle-aged high school student she played on Strangers with Candy – provides some of the book’s best moments. One of these is Blank’s response to a writer whose birthday is overshadowed by the holiday it falls on. She responds with a story that begins one night after a cockfight, when “some words were exchanged between me and a wily one-legged Mexican named Vasquez… Let’s just say I soon found myself with a corpse… I had to drag him about twelve blocks so I could dump him in an incinerator. So my advice to you, Fred, is to save those tears for a real problem.”

Source: Laugh Spin.

Volume 1: You’re a Horrible Person, But I Like You: The Believer Book of Advice.

  • lockhart43

    I was just thinking the other day, “I really hope Allison Silverman writes something else soon, so I can read her brilliance.” And now you’re telling me that Amy Sedaris, Allison Silverman, and Kristen Schaal–three of my heroes–are in the same book? A book that also features advice from Jerri Blank (advice which is sure to be terrible), Zach Galifianakis, Louis C.K., and Scott Thompson (from Kids In The Hall)? I am ABSOLUTELY buying this book! Fingers crossed Barnes and Noble has it tomorrow when I go to the city. XD

    If you can’t already tell, I”m super excited for this book! I will also be scoping through The Believer’s website to find any and all articles by said individuals above.

  • Katt


    Allison Silverman is currently writing for “The Office” and “Portlandia”, but hopefully she will have some time on her hands to write some smaller pieces.

    If you’re not already following her on Twitter @allisonsilvermn she generally links to her current projects on there.

    • lockhart43

      I knew she was writing for “Portlandia” (which is such a great show), but I didn’t know she was writing for “The Office.” Thanks for the info! I wish her all the success in the world; I’ve really come to look up to her.