Flashback: Stephen Colbert in “Missing Persons”

Colbert Nation member and Super YouTube Detective BettieKills stumbled upon this gem featuring a fresh faced Stephen Colbert, complete with Southern accent, playing a small guest role as Chet Davies in the second episode of “Missing Persons” entitled “Cabe… What Kind of Name Is That?”

A DVD of the series can be purchased as part of the “Prime Time Crime: The Stephen J. Cannell Collection”, which also features the likes of Johnny Depp and Jeff Goldblum.

(Stephen is featured from 14:45 -15:00 and 0:00 – 0:50)

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11 thoughts on “Flashback: Stephen Colbert in “Missing Persons”

  1. OMG!!!! Stephen’s poor wife (Evie or Lorraine? No! It’s Mary Lou! Mary Lou?! Who the f___ is she! I guess Stephen is really an old school Mormon. Live and learn.) had a cabinet fall on her and she was “pinned to the cold, concrete floor!” (That’s a Tom Waits song title, right?) And that can “suck the warmth out of your body!” This is terrible! Oh the humanity!


    Am I the only one who was waiting for Amy or Paul to pop up in this “drama?”

    Thanks for finding this BettieKills. It’s a hoot!

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    • LOL!

      But look at those big, big brown eyes….

      Who cares about the corny plot and bad writing?

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  2. The hospital looks just like the one they used for all the SWC episodes. I kept expecting Principal Blackman to show up. It’s always great to see Stephen in his early work, whatever it may be ;). Keep the eagle eyes out for these Hubsters!

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    • It’s funny that you should say that because, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “The Fugitive”, but Greg Holliman is actually in it for a very short time playing (and I’m not kidding) a “roller-skating orderly”. He just rolls on up to the scene in a hospital in his skates! It’s so weird!

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  3. Wow how “dramatic” writing has changed since the 90s!!

    CSI: NY “When Cabinet’s Fall”
    Join Mac and the team as they race against the clock to save one of their own, as a madman terrorises the city with specially engineered filing cabinets of death.

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    • Who uses “filing cabinets” anymore? Such a ’90s concept. It’s all cloud computing and pdfs now.

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      • Filing cabinets are an office must!! Where else are you going to hide all of the booze and contraband?

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    • Love it! Make sure you get this written before someone else steals it…

      Oh. They already did that here!

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