Site News: Music Archives Update.

Stephen Colbert fansite In lieu of the recent influx of musical guests, and Stephen’s delight at serenading us on a weekly basis, I am currently working on updating our Music Archives page.

My aim is to list all of Stephen’s musical performances, whether they be on ‘The Colbert Report’ or elsewhere … well except for ‘Stephen Sings in the Shower’ that is part of my private collection!!

Musical moments from ‘The Colbert Report’ will be listed in chronological with the episode number , original air date and year, link to the performance, song name and featured artist(s). Songs from other events will be listed in chronological order with the event name, original date, song name and featured artist(s). I will also be including an MP3 link and/or linking to a location where you can purchase the song or album, such as iTunes.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help out by listing Stephen’s musical performances outside of ‘The Colbert Report’. It doesn’t matter if he only sings a few lines, it still counts!! We are after all fangirls and guys!! Also if you are in possession of audio to any of Stephen’s performances, please send me an email with an active link to the song(s). If you have the audio on your computer but no link, feel free to email it as an attachment and I will linkify it for you.

Finally, does anyone know where or if the Stephen Colbert Fanmix ‘Passionately from the Heart – Songs of Love and Opinion’ is still in existence somewhere out there on the interwebs? It has been a star on my iPod for many years, and it would be great if it could be added to the music archives. A huge kudos to the creator, whoever you may be!!

  • Caroline

    This is a great idea, Katt. Especially since the official website sometimes mysteriously removes musical bits from the archives. I am not sure if I have anything you can use, but I’ll look through my files and let you know.

    • Dystopia I. Now

      Might have something to do with clearances for the songs. If the song is cleared for a single performance, there may be a time limitation on keeping the performance up on the web before royalties must be paid.

    • Katt


      Thanks Caroline!!

      • karenatasha

        That sounds very likely to me. Music rights are among the strictest around, and many shows get only a one-time use. That’s why there are no buyable DVDs of any of the TV dance competitions; they can’t afford the cost.

  • CN Helper

    I know you didn’t ask for these but these are from TCR, which you of course already know:

    -Cheap Reward with Elvis Costello
    -Dream with Elvis Costello
    -I Write the Songs with Barry Manilow
    -New York with Alicia Keys (well, rapping is singing, technically, no?)
    -This Too Shall Pass with Ok Go
    -The Girl is Mine with John Legend

    -He sang “Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree” with Conan the last Christmas show before Late Night with Conan ended. It had fake snow an elf, and Rockette dancers.

    -On “Strangers with Candy” he sang “Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas (kinda sort of, there was a lot of prancing, and a mesh shirt to boot) in the same episode as “Dust in the Wind”

    -He sings “The King of Glory” at the end of an SWC episode (with expressive dancing) *He also sang “King of Glory” on Conan one time, like 2008.

    On TDS:

    -2004 Oscars his own version of “Beautiful”
    -He sang a little in the “Broadway Strike” clip
    -The Correspondents sang the National Anthem (early 2000s, with Ed Helms, etc.)

    -One of my favorites is the Steve Carell special (2001), at the end he and Stephen have that duet “How do I do it?” “The word incredible is apt.”

    • Katt

      @CN Helper

      Thanks for the list CN Helper, I will work on adding them to the archive.

      Do you know which episodes of SWC the songs are from?

      • lockhart43

        “Carry On My Wayward Son” is from the episode “Yes We Can’t” from Season 2, and he sings “King of Glory” at the end of “Blank Stare, Pt. 2.”

        This is a really wonderful idea, Katt! I’ll go through my iTunes and try to email you as many mp3s as I can. :)

  • Kris

    I had a similar thought recently and went to try to get MP3s of all of the great songs he’s done. While there were a few that I couldn’t find MP3s for and the videos had been removed from the website, I was able to find active video links on old news articles for “I write the Songs” and one of the other songs that no one had made an MP3 for and the clip was gone. Let me know if you need the links.

  • glow

    I have a recording from the Montclair event in Dec 2011. Audio clip uploaded to my site:
    “Best Imitation of Myself” by Ben Folds