Save the Date: Stephen Colbert at BookExpo America’s Author Breakfast.

Stephen Colbert appearances Stephen Colbert will be the Master of Ceremonies at BookExpo America’s Author Breakfast, on Tuesday, June 5 from 8 – 9:30 AM

Adult Book & Author Breakfast
Location: Special Events Hall
Guests: Stephen Colbert “America Again” | Junot Diaz “This is How You Lose Her Riverhead” | Barbara Kingsolver “Flight Behavior” | Jo Nesbo “Phantom”
Tickets: Various Prices.

  • Karenatasha

    Just a comment on this: the breakfast is part of a publishing/bookselling convention, and you cannot just buy a ticket to the breakfast. You need to have a BEA pass for the day. I usually get to go, though I do not know whether my company will have extra passes this year.

    I expected he might be there, as BEA is usually an excellent place to launch a book. I believe he appeared for “I Am America,” and I’m sure Jon did for “Earth.”

    • Ann G.

      Oh yeah, he was definitely at BEA for IAAASCY. There’s photo evidence at NFZ. (Can I do links here? Well, I’ll give it a shot: Stephen at BEA 2007)

      And I’ll clarify, for anyone who might be plotting to go, that BEA is only open to the book trade. It’s not open to the general public. I went in 2007, but doubt that I’ll be able to go this time. Curse you, BEA, for moving everything to the middle of the week…

      • karenatasha

        I’m hoping I can, but it’s very much up in the air for many reasons. Still, I’m having a friend purchase the breakfast ticket, because those will go first. I’ll try to deal with the pass situation when it comes closer.

        One thing: The video of the event usually is posted, so at least there’s that.