Neil deGrasse Tyson’s U.S Senate Testimony on the ‘Past, Present, and Future of NASA’.

Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks before the U.S Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation hearing on Priorities, Plans and Progress of the Nation’s Space Program.

You can also read the written testimony here: Hayden Planetarium.

  • CN Helper

    “Right now, NASA’s annual budget is half a penny on your tax dollar. For twice that—a penny on a dollar—we can transform the country from a sullen, dispirited nation, weary of economic struggle, to one where it has reclaimed its 20th century birthright to dream of tomorrow.”

    Wow. I love this man.

  • Shannon Nugent

    I would so pay higher taxes if need be to support the space program. I love this guy. Thanks for posting. I put a link to this video up on my facebook page.

  • llama

    Why is it that these billionaires who get all the tax breaks don’t fund the space program? they’re the job creators, right? Makes me mad. They’re supposed to be re-investing the money they save in tax breaks back into the country. The space program would be the perfect thing.
    He is such an amazing speaker. We need more like him. KNEEL BEFORE NEIL!!

    • CN Helper

      Your comment reminded me of Stephen’s 2006 Emmy pres. with Jon: “Kneel before your god, Babylon!”
      I was just thinking that maybe a sort of separate subsidy program needs to be started up for the space program. There is got to be a way to support the program that doesn’t really affect our fiscal problems. I wish you and I could work it out llama. But the mere fact that Dr. Tyson has to go and ask for it from Congress shows how out of ideas, and how bad the situation is for space exploration funding.

  • anais0509

    I love this man! Part of my childhood was spent watching the Discovery Channel and Discovery Kids. Although I am primarily an artist as an adult now, I still appreciate the sciences. And Neil speaks so passionately about space that it awakens my inner former science-loving child and makes me so excited. He really is a great speaker.