Stephen Colbert’s Picture on “House”

Stephen made an appearance on the most recent episode of House, in a sort of picture form. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Stephen's picture on "House"

Credit goes to canadianicehole by way of f-yeahstevejonandstephen on tumblr!

As you may already know, Dr. House’s picture graces the set of The Colbert Report, and a picture of Stephen has been seen behind Dr. House’s desk. (h/t to the NFZ archives)

8 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert’s Picture on “House”

  1. I seriously cannot stare at this picture longer than two seconds. It’s definitely creepier because the picture is black and white. It’s nice to see Stephen back on House, though.

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  2. The picture certainly doesn’t creep me out. It just makes me wonder what Stephen would look like with bright blue eyes …

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  3. Can we please get Hugh Laurie on TCR? I’ve been watching a lot of Bit of Fry and Laurie lately and he’s officially at the top of my guest wish list. Such a ridiculously talented guy.

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    • I’m going to second that request to have Hugh Laurie on the show. He’ll have time for it now, with “House” closing up shop after this season.

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      • @colbaby

        Stephen needs to guest star on “House” as well, it only takes 8 days to shoot an episode. I can live without “The Report” for a week. Then Hugh must be a guest and they can sing a song together from his new album.

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  4. Okay, at first glance, that picture was really really creepy, but once I figured out what I was looking at, well, it was still kinda creepy. I’ll have to check out the ep to get the full effect.

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  5. I watch House, but not too closely…when in the episode was this? I love their mutual appreciation. I was so happy when I saw Colbert’s picture on House’s desk years ago.

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