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Between Stephen’s exploratory committee and a barrage of Super PAC ads, the press has had to run for their money since the beginning of the year.  Travel back in time a few weeks with me and enjoy the big climax to a year long work of satire.  Reactions ranged from glorious to grotesque.  In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter admits they may have “had an accident” upon first hearing the news and hopes their new undergarments are, in fact, dependable.


Who’s Honoring Stephen Now?

Stephen Colbert, Horsey Cartoon, Presidential Election 2012

© David Horsey | Los Angeles Times

  • Huffpost compiled a video montage of the twelve times Mr. Colbert played in the real world or had the real world play back to the delight of us all.  Starting with the White House Correspondence Dinner and ending with his announcing his intent to form an exploratory committee (they label it “Colbert announces 2012 run” but I suppose we can forgive this inaccuracy in the face of their excellent montage).  Huffpost delivers a real treat for long time fans and new members of the Nation alike.  Check it out to relive the times you’ve been most proud of Stephen or to experience it for the first time
  • In The Sacramento Bee it’s revealed that Congressman Dennis Cardoza endorsed Stephen Colbert for president.  The Bee doesn’t seem to hold a high opinion of Congressman Cardoza, calling him a lame duck.  Cardoza proclaims, “Colbert’s comedic campaign draws attention to serious issues plaguing national politics. Most importantly, campaign finance: “If money truly equals ‘free speech,’ why should anyone listen to what an average voter has to say?”… “Want to put in your two cents? Sorry, the price just went up.”
  • Al Jazerra encourages Stephen to make a serious run for president and looks at the ridiculousness of the modern American political landscape.  Our Arabic news friends nail the Times for insisting that Colbert can’t both lampoon Washington while taking a serious stand.  They take a look at the media’s complacency in the current chaos plaguing the campaign process and give a stunning round up of reactions from around the world.  Ironically my favorite quote came from Fidel Castro, who said if a robot were to run, “I am certain that 90 per cent of registered [to vote] Americans, especially Hispanics, Afro-Americans and the growing numbers of the impoverished middle class, would vote for the robot”.
Stephen Colbert, Rally, South Carolina

© Grace Beahm | Charleston Post and Courie

Whose Attacking Stephen Now?

  • Reuters explains why the Democratic party was none too thrilled by Stephen suggesting that democrats vote in South Carolina’s republican primary.  The dems were supposedly worried Stephen would draw voters away from their own primary in which voters “cannot double dip” (am I daft or why would the dems be holding a primary, their candidate is obvious, is it not?).  This article paints the reps as welcoming Colbert and his Super PAC money to the party.
  • Poll Position on the other hand, states it’s the republicans who were upset by Stephen’s messing ’round with their primary.   They assert that they have conducted their own poll of republicans, finding that 68% would not vote for him.  Oh and by the way, 13% would.  Mind you that Poll Position claims that this was a nationwide poll, not a poll of South Carolina.  The site also offers an online companion poll.  Online polls are well known for their scientific validity (not).  So head on over Hubsters, let’s make some science!

Whose Riding Stephen’s Coattails Now?

  • ABC News  reports on Josue Larose, who’s being touted as being a  “real life Stephen Colbert” for creating mock Super PACs and pressing the limits of the law.  Mr. Larose has a shadowy past including several failed runs for republican office.   Apparently Larose is pretty elusive and rarely talks to the press.  However, Florida did have something to say about it and promptly changed their laws to prevent others from following his lead.
  • In this follow up piece the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting does an excellent job giving an indepth look at Larose’s “shadowy past” and compiles it all for your reading pleasure.  I’d looked around the net myself to see what I could find about him and I have to say they really did their homework.  It should be interesting to see what the show does with it!

Related Stories

  • Huffpost Compares Stephen’s “political career” to the man every republican claims to emulate, Ronald Reagan.  With clear analysis author Jordan Zakarin makes the case that Mr. Colbert and Mr. Reagan have more in common than meets the eye.  The article may be talking about the character but it poses an interesting hypothesis.  If the character were, in fact, real he may have a better chance of winning than Stephen would.  Chilling, isn’t it?
  • Salon interviews expert political humor analyst Russell Peterson who gives his insight into Stephen’s Super PAC and short lived campaign.  This in depth look is a worthwhile read.  Mr. Peterson does an excellent job breaking down just how Stephen’s managed to create a position for himself that allows him to take his character off of the screen and into the world.  He also gives a lot of credit to the long, painstaking process the entire Report staff must have went through in order to pull off a work of satire that’s been a year in the making.
  • Huffpost hails Stephen and Jon for calling Newt Gingrich out on his hypocritical “family values” campaign.  The article puts them back to back in a “one-two punch” headed straight for Newts abnormally large skull.  The article also links to an article by Sally Quinn who gives Newt a good nailing and not the kind he’s accustomed to.
  • Stephen has never hidden his pride in his Irish heritage but how do the Irish feel about Stephen? Irish Central author Tom Deignan sends Stephen some love from the home land in his article about Stephen’s recent antics.  The article also reviews some of Stephen’s most Irishy moments.  Aye, ’tis a fine look at Eire’s Colbert Nation.
  • HuffPost’s Off the Bus 2012, section dedicated to “Ground Level Coverage of Campaign 2012” shares the experience of one South Carolina voter’s cathartic experience voting for Herman Cain.  The voter, Herb Silverman not only explains his motivations for voting for Cain/Colbert but also takes an interesting look at religion in politics.


 Tip of the Hat

Presidents, Modern Stage Combat, Colbert Super PAC

© The Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC

This tip goes out to mowprincess from the Reagan article:

  • Stephen and Ronald??..­. Stephen is way more savvy… I have horses.. and I love horses.. I remember one of Ronald’s legacies was that he was the only president that had more horses than books. Good for horses maybe.. but not so good for the intellectu­als.. Ronald was one of the first republican­s to make being intelligen­t a shameful thing.. something the republican­s have been able to (latch) on to like a snapping turtle or a Gila monster.. not being intelligen­t is something they excel at apparently­.. Myself.. I want my president to be intelligen­t. and Stephen could run rings around Ronald.. and I would be very surprised if Stephen actually wanted to be president.­. not being president seems way more fun!!

Wag of the Finger

  •  gets a finger wag for checking facts to prove that The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC’s Mitt the Ripper ad was factually inaccurate.  How dare you check facts, FactCheck?  How dare you?   Apparently, the companies Mitt was shown slaughtering like a maniac were not “killed” until after he’d left.  May they rest in peace.  KB Toys I’ll miss you most.  I’ll never forget the great time we spent together on Black Friday.  Just you, me, and dozens of crazed parents fighting to the death for the newest game boy (they came in different colors, how would their kids know they loved them if they didn’t get the right one?).


Bonus: For anyone who’d enjoy reading an article tearing into Chuck Todd for his attack on Colbert.   As well as, nailing the media for dropping the ball on covering political corruption and not fighting to defend our first amendment rights threatened by SOPA. This one’s for you, courtesy HuffPost.


That wraps it up for this edition of In the Press! As always, feedback is appreciated.   Hope the “Attack” articles weren’t too annoying this time but I thought it was interesting that both the dems and the reps were both playing victim to Stephen’s little game.

Also, I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this edition.

Of course, if you have any suggestions for articles you feel were missing from this edition or would like to see in the next edition, shoot an email my way through the site email or the email attached to my gravatar.  Thanks Hubsters!  Until next time, here’s a picture of Stephen and the lovely Mrs. Colbert all decked out for your viewing pleasure.

Stephen Colbert, Evie Mcgee-Colbert

© AP Photo, From Politico article "Stephen Colbert stuns fans, ends White House bid"

(Thanks to magdelena for the Tip on the Salon article)

  • Mr. Arkadin

    Great post Kris! I know it was an American writer, but isn’t it something that Al Jazerra “gets” Stephen more than the NY Times? Come to think of it. It’s not that surprising at all.

    I also liked reading about those gutless SC democrats panicking over Stephen’s running in the republican primary. Maybe instead of worrying about Stephen, they should focus on running a better candidate than the brain-dead Alvin Greene! They’re such tools.

    • Kris

      I too was impressed at what an “it getter” Al Jazerra was, although not surprised. The article was informative and humorous. The best kind:)

      The oxymoronic ‘Attack’ articles were so silly in their seriousness! Especially fun to see them squirm after both sides showed how easily they could be bought.

      • karenatasha

        Al Jazeera is actually wonderful. I follow their Twitter feed and find their articles consistently interesting.

        Great round-up, Kris! And I love that photo of Stephen and Evie at Kennedy Center (yes?). It’s one of my favorites. They both look so elegant.

        • Kris

          They are one of the best places to get news. Bar none. I love them and the BBC. It’s terrible that American news is always so biased. Thank goodness for Brian Williams. He’s about the best one we’ve got.

  • AgentNutmeg

    Fantastic roundup Kris! Thanks so much for this.

    • Kris

      So glad you enjoyed it:) Thanks for commenting!

  • lockhart43

    The article also links to an article by Sally Quinn who gives Newt a good nailing and not the kind he’s accustomed to.

    HA! You should know that that really made me laugh. Also, thanks so much for the roundup!

    • Kris

      I’m so glad someone enjoyed that. You are more than welcome:)