A Tweet from Stephen.

  • CN Helper

    It was such a relief to see a tweet from Stephen last night. We all hope you and your family are well, and can’t wait to see you back! But take all the time you need.

  • susan209

    How sweet of him to do that while in the midst of all this — to let everyone know that he feels touched by the outpouring of concern for him.

  • Caroline

    What Susan and CN Helper said.

    I think the best thing we can all do is to continue to respect Stephen’s privacy and keep sending the Colbert family our prayers and best wishes.

  • lockhart43

    This is one of the reasons why I’m so proud to be a member of Colbert Nation. Something unknown and unexpected happens, and instead of being mad that the shows were cancelled, fans immediately hope that everything and everyone is okay. Stephen and his family have been in my thoughts and prayers, and to reiterate what CN Helper said, I hope he takes all the time he needs.

    • anais0509

      Very unfortunately there are people who ARE mad and saying snarky/terrible things about Stephen. But then they are not real fans/members of the Colbert Nation. Real fans/members are selfless and react exactly the way you just described.

  • karenatasha

    This is so Stephen. No need to say more. I agree with everyone here.

  • anais0509

    I was really happy to see that when I checked his Twitter page. It touches me so much that he knows about all the good wishes, thoughts, prayers and positive vibes that people are sending to him and his family, and in turn he is touched by it. Seeing that tweet finally convinced me to create a Twitter account for myself so that I could reply to that tweet and send him my best wishes too, since FB and silent telepathic brain waves are not enough. Stephen, we’re so glad that you’re holding up and know that the whole Colbert Nation has your back. Take all the time you need and stay strong. When you’re ready to come back, we’ll be happy to see you.

  • AgentNutmeg

    During the time when fans had the information from CC that the show was suspended, but had no further details from the show, I kept thinking of ways that fans could communicate about their support for the show without imposing on the TCR staff’s privacy.

    If/when the show is suspended, fans will be concerned. This time there ended up being feedback through Twitter, HuffPo comments (yikes), the TCR comments, fansites, and undoubtedly many other sources I am not even aware of.

    I had this idea of setting up a website that would basically function like a giant greeting card, where people could post their well wishes for the show, and share stories about why TCR is important to them. Ground rules and moderating would be necessary, but given that this would be a gathering place for fans to show their support I can’t see why anyone would have a problem with that. Maybe there could even be links to charities on the side of the page. What do people think of this idea? It doesn’t make sense to set up such a website in response to this suspension, at this point, but if the show were to be suspended again, how do you think people would receive this idea?

    Please let me know what you think!

    • karenatasha

      Honestly, I think the true fans found a way. The tweets–at least those sending well-wishes to Stephen and his family–successfully found their way to him. At the same time, they didn’t impinge on his privacy or in any way disturb him until he was ready to look.

      The problem was not with those of us us hoping to communicate our love and care, but the speculators and the wild conspiracy theorists. That made me unhappy. And unfortunately, no website can stop that.

      I guess what I mean is that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a website designed specifically for the terrible things that happen in his life.

      Incidentally, I’d like to address that word “suspended,” because I think it was at the source of some of the craziness. I wish it had not been used. People took it that CC had somehow “cancelled ” the show or something nefarious was going on. Language matters, and that word didn’t work for me.

      • AgentNutmeg

        I don’t know how I gave the impression that the website would be about hard times in Stephen’s life, I didn’t mention anything about that in my description of what I thought people could post on such a site, nevertheless I’m sorry if the idea upset anyone.

        I didn’t think it would be OK to use Twitter before Stephen used it to communicate with people, but lots of people wanted to post well wishes for the show before then, so I guess that’s why I thought about it, but I’m sorry if I’m just not understanding something.

        I’m glad you feel that the true fans found a way to commmunicate their well wishes.

        • karenatasha

          Dear Agent Nutmeg–I’m so sorry if I misunderstood you, or if I in any way implied (I’d NEVER mean to) that you were any less than a true fan. That deserves far, far more than a *headdesk* and was in every way unintentional.

          Maybe you could explain more about what you intended for the website? Would it be something also to congratulate him if he won an Emmy and so forth–anything that involved news in his life? That would be interesting, and certainly helpful to people who don’t Tweet or go on the other social media that fans sometimes use to “contact” him.

          I shared your view about the awkwardness of tweeting Stephen, given that he himself never announced anything about the situation. I kept mine pretty generic because of that, just saying I missed him and that I was sending my best wishes to him and his family. (Hey, good or bad times, I’m always willing to do that.) But you’re right: I wasn’t sure when and whether to do it, .

      • Tdotter

        The word “suspended” shouldn’t be an issue for you. It’s the commonly-used word when talking about a television show or film halting their production process, whether it be temporarily or otherwise. It’s used all the time in that context. It doesn’t imply that anyone did anything “wrong”, and anyone who interprets it that way probably got suspended too many times in jr. high.

        Personally, I think a website is a GREAT idea. People can leave their name and a one-line message, and it can be totally moderated. Like a petition website. I’m pretty sure there are petition plugins for wordpress that can be adapted for this situation.

        • karenatasha

          I understand your point, Tdotter, but many, many people queried me on that. While I love your comment about “junior high” (and though I never got suspended, that meaning always comes back to me, anyway), I can only say that many of the folks who asked me what happened pointed to that particular word. It may indeed be used in the TV world in a specific way, but that isn’t how people outside the industry seemed to understand it. And one person I know who got very upset actually DID work in TV as a writer and still thought the show was pulled off for political reasons.

          You know what the problem probably is? We are so used to celebrities who don’t maintain their privacy that unless an announcement is made about the exact nature of the “suspension,” people start jumping to crazy conclusions. We live in a paranoid society, we do, and one where privacy too often seems to be little valued or respected.

    • Cosmo

      I think I understand your idea and it sounds good, but I don’t know if a lot of people would use the site. The beautiful thing about a horrible event like this is that fans all come together naturally to help Stephen. Like, I saw a Tumblr project where a lot of people donated money to send Stephen flowers. There wasn’t a site made for this, fans just worked together on their own. If you could get the word out about the site, it could work though.

  • FAN GIRL 16

    I Prayed to God about Stephen and his mom last night hope things are looking up See You soon MR. Colbert.

  • Caroline

    Agent Nutmeg – even though I’m sure your intentions for the special website are good, it could come across as a bit ghoulish. Plus, Twitter works as a way to send well wishes, if you want.

    Also, as someone who writes and edits for a living, I agree with Karen that “suspended” was not the right word. for that CC statement

    • AgentNutmeg

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m still unclear how a collection place for messages like “we heard TCR is suspended, although we don’t know why, here are our well wishes and stories about why the show is important to us” could come across as ghoulish, but I respect your opinion.

  • susan209

    Re tweeting well wishes to Stephen at stephen@home: okay, I am old. I just want too make sure I’m doing this right. Do you put a # before his name, or do you type stephen@home, or both? If you merely use his name, does he see the tweet (if he desires)?
    Okay, gotta go and feed my woolly mammoth.
    Thanks in advance…

  • susan209

    Oh. I see that you can hit “reply” to the tweet he tweeted. I thought you can’t tweet anyone who isn’t following you.
    Sorry… I think my saber-toothed tiger ate my instruction manual.
    (Yes, I know there’s no instruction manual.)

    • karenatasha

      Hi, Susan: you can tweet someone who doesn’t follow you, just not send them a “direct message.”

      But yes, #StephenAtHome is the other way you can tweet him without directly replying.

      • susan209

        Ah. I was confused about the direct messaging versus tweeting. You never know what kind of formal education you’re going to get around here. That’s why I like it here so much.
        Thanks for the explanation!