Water Cooler — Blustery February Edition

Welcome to CNH’s Water Cooler, where fellow Hubsters commiserate and comment on current events, or whatever you like, while our boys Jon and Stephen are away.

Hey Hubsters! Hope everyone has had a great break week. I am writing from snowy Chicago, watching the white stuff blow around outside my window as I ponder the happenings of the past few Stephen-less days. Can it be summer again yet?

Of course, the news cycle has kept a spinnin’ although TCR and Stephen are off the airwaves. We started off the week with a dramatic Super Bowl XLVI, resulting in a spectacular Giants win. Shortly after coming down from our chicken winged- and be-nachoed Super Bowl high, this week also resulted in a veritable deluge of Santorum (sounds great, right?), with the conservative candidate winning the Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado primaries/caucuses.

Santorum also went on to be a featured speaker at CPAC today, further cementing his status as the Christian conservative’s candidate of choice. Mitt Romney continues to struggle to connect with voters, flaunting an endorsement from Donald Trump and pushing a pro-Wall Street image. There are constant whisperings that Ron Paul will finally claim a state for his own, having been a strong runner up in most of the primary contests. Newt Gingrich still trudges on, despite lackluster showings post-South Carolina. Whatever the tumult he may go through on the campaign trail, Calista Gingrich’s hair remains unmoved, a truly remarkable feat. If only her flat-iron could speak.

I know I am likely missing a lot of other great stories, so I posit the following to the Hubsterdom:

What stories do you think Stephen and/or Jon would cover right now? Was there anything that happened this week which prompted you think, “Stephen would have totally talked about that”?

Feel free also just to chat around the CNH office’s Water Cooler. Fandom is also friend-dom.

20 thoughts on “Water Cooler — Blustery February Edition

  1. How about the 9th Circuit in California declaring Proposition 8 to be unconstitutional! Probably my favorite story. There is still a long way to go till it will finally reach the Supreme Court but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

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    • And Washington state passed a gay marriage bill! I’m sure my good old home state of TN will be following suit any day now. Right? (*weeps softly*)

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    • Interestingly, both Jon and Stephen ignored the Komen situation during their entire last week. I was a little disappointed in that. I’m not sure they’ll take it on now.

      I’m expecting lots of the Santorum spreading. Ugh.

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  2. Hey everyone. I’m feeling a little sad and lonely, so the only reason I’m here is that I looking for a little companionship and maybe some light banter to hopefully lift my mood.

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      • I’m not familiar with them either. I had to look them up. But if I had to choose, I guess I’d say Fassbender because I have a soft spot for Irishmen…

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        • First of all, HUGS! I realize that putting that in caps makes it seem a bit aggressive, but I promise you those are warm and kind hugs. :) And second, If you are not familiar with Michael Fassbender, I could not possibly recommend someone more wonderful in film right now. Completely versatile, committed, brave, and capable of disappearing into a role.

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          • I accept hugs in any amount and intensity, lockhart43! Either way, I appeciate them all the same! :) <3 Fassbender definitely intrigues me. Even though I'm not really a movie person, if he's in the movie, I just might be tempted to watch it.

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          • He was in Jane Eyre, X-Men: First Class last year, if that helps (he was also in Shame and A Dangerous Method, but those aren’t out on DVD yet). And next to Christoph Waltz, he was the best part about Inglourious Basterds, which is saying something.

            A few girlfriends and I have a habit on facebook of posting photos of Mr. Fassbender on each other’s walls, just for funsies or as a pick-me-up. Slowly but surely, I think we’ll eventually be able to let everyone on the planet know what a great actor he is (and how easy he is on the eyes, lol).

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      • Love them both–but Fassbender. Yes, Fassbender. Wow.

        Anais: Hugs and hugs. Hold on there.

        Let’s have more fun questions! And now, submitted for your consideration: What musical would you like to see Stephen in and who would you like to see act opposite him?

        And: what is the next project you would like Stephen and Jon take on together?

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        • Thanks for the hugs, Karen. <3 And aw man, that's a really expansive question for someone like me! Hmm…often I imagine Stephen in lesser-known musicals, like Mr. Bungee in A New Brain or The Senator in Hello Again. He'd also make a great Reverend Moore in Footloose (he's a baritone and religion is important to him). If I'm feeling especially imaginative, I'll imagine myself and Stephen together as the leads in a musical, some well-known, others made up in my mind. Basically any musical that he consents to doing later on will be good with me, and I'm hell-bent on attending that future event by any means. As to the Jon/Stephen future projects question…just anything that allows them to work together is good with me…although I'd love to see the two of them host the Emmys or Oscars together…

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    • Let me e-hug you Anais… (((())))). (My emoticons understanding is pretty sad.) I can lightly banter with the best of them. Did anyone see Jimmy Fallon’s Indianapolis shows? He really rocked it out! They are so good when the Roots improv those songs with the audience, have you seen that? And that segment he did with Michelle Obama? Brilliant. I am always a Stephen fangirl first, but I am totally appreciating Jimmy right now too.

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      • I’m really not a TV-watching person. It’s mostly restricted to TCR, TDS, Wipeout and, very recently, SMASH (being the musical theatre geek/nerd that I am). If I hear about something of interest, I’ll DVR it, but it won’t compell me to watch any more of the program afterwards. But I appreciate the e-hug, CN Helper. <3 Believe or not, that is a close approximation of a hug using emoticons so you're actually on the right track! I'm feeling a little better due to being able to hang out with friends, but before I was feeling so cut-off from everyone because I've been so busy that when I saw this Water Cooler Post, I came to see if anyone was available to talk, when I have the chance 'cos it's looking to be another busy week for me.

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  3. Can anyone identify the tattoos Stephen is wearing in the Stephie’s Knicks Hoop-De-Doo videos? Are they all temporary?

    It looks like he has a panther on his right arm, and a Jesus fish and an eagle on his left arm. What is the one on the back of his neck?

    I could have sworn I saw some of them in other episodes.

    Man, Stephen’s done some dorky field pieces but this one might be king in that division. Of course, I will always love the dancing.

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      • I haven’t seen any of the other tattoos before the Knicks segments, but I do know that the panther tattoo dates all the way back to “Strangers With Candy” – I think he had it in a couple of episodes for continuity’s sake.

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