Stephen Colbert Talks Super PACs with Ted Koppel on “Rock Center with Brian Williams”.

  • Kris

    Stephen wasn’t nearly as hard core in this interview as he was on “This Week”. It was nice to see him a little more relaxed.

    The conversation that Brian Williams and Ted Koppel had after Stephen’s interview was interesting as well. Mr. Koppel didn’t seem too optimistic about American’s demanding this nonsense end. Let’s hope he’s wrong.

  • lockhart43

    I actually prefer this one to the interview on “This Week.” Maybe it was because it was more about Stephen explaining how a SuperPAC works and not about him constantly having to repeat to George Stephanopoulos that he was merely forming an exploratory committee. It might also have something to do with the fact that I love Stephen’s office and how his Nixon poster seems to be serving an alternate purpose as a post-it board, ha.