The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert SuperPAC Buys Airtime in S.C.

Stephen Colbert is putting his money where his mockery is — or, at least, his super PAC is.

On his Comedy Central show Thursday night Colbert announced “an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork” for his “possible candidacy for president of the United States of South Carolina.” He also handed control of his super PAC, Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, over to his colleague, Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Show.”

ABC News has learned that the group is already buying up television air time in South Carolina. A source tracking ad buys in early primary states told ABC that the super PAC has purchased nearly $10,000 worth of time on a broadcast station in the Charleston, S.C. area between Jan. 15 and Jan. 19.

And according to a South Carolina news website, the Palmetto Public Record, the super PAC is also reportedly “negotiating a substantial media buy in the Columbia market.”

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Source: Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Starts Buying Up South Carolina Airtime.

  • AgentNutmeg

    OK, so he can’t get on the ballot in SC, according to the South Carolina State Election Commission website.

    But I wonder, will he try to get on the ballot in other states where it is still possible(depending on how future polls go in SC — and it sounds like there will be quite a few more of them)?

    Might as well admit I’m caught up in this thing now… I haven’t really followed politics for a few years now but I just keep thinking about what the next move could be from the Colbert 2012 Non-Coordination trifecta (Colbert! Stewart! Potter!) . Why couldn’t I have just taken up chess? :/

    Seriously though, if they actually set up offices I would definitely apply to volunteer.

  • Kris

    It should be interesting to see what Stephen manages to pull off during this next year. We can certainly hope he’ll be on Florida’s ballot. I have this strange feeling Stephen’s got something unexpected planned for South Carolina though. Never know what he’s been up to leading up to this announcement.

    I think Stephen will have a veritable Nation of volunteers! He’ll need us too:)