• AgentNutmeg

    OK, so he can’t get on the ballot in SC, according to the South Carolina State Election Commission website.

    But I wonder, will he try to get on the ballot in other states where it is still possible(depending on how future polls go in SC — and it sounds like there will be quite a few more of them)?

    Might as well admit I’m caught up in this thing now… I haven’t really followed politics for a few years now but I just keep thinking about what the next move could be from the Colbert 2012 Non-Coordination trifecta (Colbert! Stewart! Potter!) . Why couldn’t I have just taken up chess? :/

    Seriously though, if they actually set up offices I would definitely apply to volunteer.

  • Kris

    It should be interesting to see what Stephen manages to pull off during this next year. We can certainly hope he’ll be on Florida’s ballot. I have this strange feeling Stephen’s got something unexpected planned for South Carolina though. Never know what he’s been up to leading up to this announcement.

    I think Stephen will have a veritable Nation of volunteers! He’ll need us too:)

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