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DonorsChoose Logo We here at Colbert News Hub wanted to do something special to mark ‘The Colbert Report’s’ 6th Year Anniversary. We wanted our gift to be something that both Stephen and the Report staff would all appreciate, especially after all the hard work and effort they put into making an amazing show each night.

After a bit of thinking, we decided upon starting our very own Colbert News Hubs DonorsChoose Giving Page.

Our aim with the ‘giving page’ is to focus on schools in Stephen’s home state of South Carolina. After seeing how much Stephen loves his hometown from the ‘Conde Nast Traveler Awards’, and how much it has influence him, we want all children in South Carolina to grow up as happy as Stephen, and have the same access to great educational materials and resources.

With over 50 projects listed for schools in South Carolina, we have narrowed it down to two that we would first like to complete:

To start the ball rolling Colbert News Hub has made a $250 donation to the ‘Reading for Success in Maths’ project, and have already received a wonderful ‘thank you’ email from the teacher Ms. Wilson.

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  1. This is fantastic! What a great idea! I can’t think of a better way to honor Stephen, the show and all the people who work so hard to write and produce it. You can count me in to donate whatever I can.

    And congratulations to the News Hub for continuing to find new ways to make this site exciting and unique!

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    • I did it! I wish I could have contributed to both causes listed here — It’s hard to pick just one. I hope this will be a permanent link at CNH so that we can do this again!

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  2. This is an awesome idea! I totally agree with Susan: this site keeps getting better and better! I made some extra money this week, which means I will absolutely be donating tomorrow. :)

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  3. I’m proud to be a part of a site that does this. And I will make my contribution later this evening. What better way to celebrate the wonderfulness that is Stephen Colbert?

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    • And it is DONE! Maybe we could do this every year either for the show’s anniversary or Stephen’s birthday.

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      • Thanks Karen! The teacher wrote back and is really excited, the violin project has some hope of completion. I think our little giving page is going to rock out! In one day we raised $500.

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  4. Thank you to all who have donated and who are planning to. Even if it’s just 5 dollars, it makes a difference. The math project is only $61 from completion. Many of these South Carolina projects have been going since late July with no donors. So let’s show them what real Stephen Colbert fans can do!

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  5. We completed the math project!! This note is from the teacher:

    Dear CNH, (other donors),

    Our first project has been fully funded thanks to your kind donations! Words can not begin to express how blessed we are that chose our classroom to support. This morning, we all celebrated the fact that there are people like you that believe in us and we don’t even know you. This is so amazing to us! We are super excited to get our books so that we can read about math and increase our brain power. Thanks YOU again for making this small dream a reality. We love you.

    With gratitude,
    Ms. W

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  6. The violins project has been completed, too! Yay! Thanks to everyone, including a couple of Hubsters who remained anonymous, but must have been quite generous.

    I love music and am thrilled these homeless students will be able to take part in the school orchestra.

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  7. This is an absolutely, completely, totally wonderful idea. I can’t think of a better way of honoring Stephen than giving back to him on the very things, places and people that mean most to him. I am so pleased to be a part of this great site and the amazing people behind it.

    In honor of TCR’s 6th anniversary and my own birthday on 10/18, I’ve given a donation of the total of our combined ages (TCR’s and mine) to a class project needing books on ancient civilizations to the CNH giving back page on Learning about other cultures and how they thrived in the past is important, and I’m thrilled that I was able to help out this project with whatever I could give.

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  8. Amazing work Hubsters!! I never imaged we would complete one project, let alone two projects so fast!! I can only image the joy on those children’s faces when they receive their maths books and violins!!

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  9. Why not include more than just the schools in SC? I mean, I get that it was his hometown, and all, but why not give to schools with military families, or something like that? Why just SC when there are so many other kids who need assistance too? It just seems a bit short-sided to me.

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    • Welcome to the blog! The first list of projects on our DC page is an introductory one, to get the ball rolling. We would like to highlight projects in South Carolina, but also arts education all over the country, as that is another of Stephen’s interests…and I think military families is also a great idea. So the page will be revised as we fine-tune things.

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    • You’re right, Dona, that so many kids need help. But we are a small group that can do only so much. We wanted to do something this time, because of the anniversary, that would be most meaningful to Stephen. Other occasions surely will arise where we can highlight different groups.

      Many of us have given to other Donors Choose projects in the past. For example, as a New Yorker who cares about reading and the arts, specifically dance and music, I have supported teachers in my city who asked for instruments and other equipment.

      Obviously, if you support ANY Donors Choose projects — our or not, in Stephen’s name or not — it’s a tribute to his influence and I’m sure he’d be thankful. You must do what’s meaningful to you.

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