October 6, 2011 — Jason Amerine

The Colbert Report Episode Guide EPISODE NUMBER: 8004 (October 6, 2011)
GUESTS: Jason Amerine
SEGMENTS: Sarah Palin’s Sad News | Colbert Super PAC SHH! – Apology to Ham Rove | Tribute to Steve Jobs
SUIT REPORT: Dark suit | White shirt | Black/white polka dot tie
VIDEOS: Thursday, October 6, 2011

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  • susan209

    Just saw this…
    “Right back atcha, Steve. And send.”
    Talk about “sweet.”
    Stephen, I’m sure he got the message.
    You are the best, Stephen Colbert. Reply to all.

  • susan209

    Sorry to hog the ether, but I just had to comment again. That had to be a hard interview he just did with Jason Amerine. He seems like a very brave man — someone you’d want in your corner — and he has every reason to be less than lighthearted… but I got the sense that Stephen was really having to finesse what to do with a man who was so serious that he wouldn’t smile at anything. Stephen did all the right things. He toned it way down, he was super respectful and chose his words carefully… but especially after that sweet tribute to Steve Jobs — there was a kind of unusual weight to this evening’s show, I thought. Well, Stephen is actually a great interviewer, and I wish we could see more of the real Stephen doing just that sometimes. From my vantage point though, that seemed like one tough interview, considering it’s a satirical show.

    • Anna S

      Totally agree – super tough, Stephen did a fantastic job steering the interview.

    • John H

      I’m wondering why Amerine agreed to do the show. It felt like he was afraid of what he had gotten himself into what with Stephen’s satirical method. Even the audience wasn’t ready for his initial “thank you for your service” offer – no applause until he prompted them. To Stephen’s credit he still asked the question that was on my mind…what are we still doing in Afghanistan? The answer was pretty good, a measured warning about how we left Afghanistan in the 80’s and in the war that followed the Taliban rose to power. The Pew Research poll out this week said that 1 of 3 veterans think both wars “were not worth the trouble”.

      • karenatasha

        I think Amerine did it because he wanted to tell his story and pay tribute to the people he’d lost. I don’t know if he was more scared of Stephen than he would have been of anyone else; remember, he’s not in any way a public speaker and many of the Green Beret-type soldiers tend to be silent types.

        Also, whatever nerves Amerine had, I’m sure he also knew that Stephen has a great reputation with the troops. He’s never disrespected any service member–quite the opposite, in fact. I love the way Colbert shifted to fit Amerine’s needs and personality. In fact, I bet he enjoyed it. Sometimes, Stephen must just want to do a straight interview.

        • http://[email protected] Chana Meddin

          For those wanting to read one of the most poignant true war stories detailing exactly how much Amerine and his men actually did give – and lose – read “The Only Thing Worth Dying For” by Eric Blehm which Charlie Wilson wrote was “a must read for anyone wanting to understand Afghanistan.” Blehm’s entire book is based on personal interviews and research, including a meeting with Hamid Karzai. If Stephen read this book no wonder he thanked Amerine for his service. And, yes, he was so deft both with his tribute to Jobs and his interview with Amerine
          it did leave me wanting more “real Stephen.” SO WELL DONE, THE ENTIRE SHOW!

          • Susan209

            Thanks for the tip and if you haven’t already been welcomed, welcome!

            • Xenofon

              I am watching all episodes on the web, from Bonn, Germany, where I live. This interview was the most moving one on Stephen’s show.
              In Amerine, you see both, the strength and the sadness of the soldier coming back from war. What a reality lesson!

  • mandie

    Thank you for serving our country

  • Anna S

    My husband and I both had tears as the Steve Jobs segment went to commercial. Kudos to Stephen and the show – that was just beautifully done. Running through Stephen’s hilarious Apple history, all the way up to that wonderful email from Steve Jobs – so funny – and then to turn on a dime so tightly with the thanks and sadness of the reply. That was one of the nicest tributes that I’ve seen. Beautifully written and I’m sure heartfelt from Stephen. Bravo Steve Jobs. Too soon.

    • Caroline

      Yes, the Steve Jobs tribute was perfect – especially the ending.

  • karenatasha

    This show was a work of staggering genius. Not only do I agree with what everyone said about the Steve Jobs tribute and the seriousness of the interview, but I cannot emphasize enough how brilliant his handling of the Rove letter was. What a mistake on their part–and I’m glad of it. Stephen is going to work this as much as he can.

    Those idiot. Parody is protected speech and you should never tangle with a great comic.
    Down you go, you hammy Rove!

    • Caroline

      I just watched the Ham Rove segment. Brilliant! I love when Stephen quoted the part about not reproducing the letter and said since they didn’t mention reading it aloud on TV, “F@#k it!”

      I can’t believe Rove was dumb enough to respond to Stephen and Trevor, but great. More exposure of what Rove has been up to and more Ham Rove!

  • CN Helper

    The whole Steve Jobs tribute is totally making me cry.

  • lockhart43

    So there I was last night, watching the Tigers beat the Yankees, and I really didn’t think my day could get any better. And then I finally watched the Karl Rove segment. And it made my freaking day. The way Stephen and the writers faced that head-on and came back with joke after joke…that segment was fearless. Good Lord, these people are good at what they do.

    I can only echo everyone else’s thoughts on the tribute to Steve Jobs. The combination of “Stephen’s” constant need for attention and then Stephen’s simple and beautiful thank you at the end was very well done. It felt light and serious and poignant and honest.

    A scientific panel has recommend against prostate testing. But my prostate was up all night cramming! *smile*
    Oh, how I love when Stephen enjoys a table of contents joke! I also appreciated the Palin segment because, among other reasons, seeing Jay the Intern is always a good thing.

  • Mr. Arkadin

    “So there I was last night, watching the Tigers beat the Yankees, and I really didn’t think my day could get any better.”

    Ha! I was rooting for the Tigers too. More because the Yankees are the Godless killing machines of baseball though.

    And just for the record. I think “Ham” Rove is Stephen’s greatest prop since the advent of “Sweetness.”

    • lockhart43

      Haha, yes well, one machine down, two to go. And I totally agree on your thoughts about Ham Rove!

      • Mr. Arkadin

        Just wanted to past on my condolences about the Tigers. It’s bad enough they lost, but to Dubya ex-team! Damn! That really sucks.

        • lockhart43

          Aw, thanks pal, that’s much appreciated. Yeah, I definitely have another reason to dislike the state of Texas. Now, without Tigers games to watch, I’ll basically just bide my time sports-wise until college basketball starts. 😉

          • Mr. Arkadin

            “Yeah, I definitely have another reason to dislike the state of Texas.”

            Haha! I loved reading this! From the time I could hear and understand, my mother and grandmother filled my head with tales of how everything bad in America (Nay! The known universe!) had it’s origins in Texas. The Rangers beating the Tigers will now be add to that list. 😛

            No love for the Lions? They’ve been my favorite football team since I was a child. And they finally don’t stink!

            • lockhart43

              It’s not that I don’t love the Lions, it’s more that I have absolutely no interest in professional football. I am super happy that they finally don’t suck (in high school, my German teacher always said that he wouldn’t get married until the Lions won the Super Bowl. That may actually be possible this year, haha). So it’s pretty much Tigers baseball, Michigan football, Red Wings hockey, any and all soccer, and any and all college basketball (including every single Duke game ;)).

              Just commenting on this thread reminds me how excited I am for new shows this week!

          • Mr. Arkadin

            Well. It looks like your teacher bachelorhood is safe again. *Sighs*

            Wait a minute? Are you saying that…. You’re a Dukie!!! Nooooooo!!!

            I’m just going to pretend that none of this conversation ever happened and try to move on with my life. Somehow. 😉

            And yes. I’m looking forward to TCR’s return as well. Looks like a really stellar line-up of guests too!

  • http://[email protected] Chana Meddin

    That was, perhaps, the most moving tribute of all. Tears.
    Usually tears of laughter…these were just tears.